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Second Mad Max trailer is even more unhinged than the flaming guitar in it

The world has gone mad again, and Max is there to witness. We’ve got a whole new trailer for the Mad Max: Fury Road reboot coming this May 15, and it’s full of insane-looking characters, viciously modded cars, and that…

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Flaming iPhone 5c Battery Sets 13-Year-Old’s Pants On Fire

Batteries are potentially volatile things, stuffed with electrochemical cells practically humming with electolytes. Every once and a while, then, they’re sure to break down, and companies like Apple do literally everything in their power to make sure it doesn’t happen.…

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Siri Lays Down The Vocals On New Track From The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips are huge Apple fans. Heck,�they covered The Beatles� famous song �Revolution��in tribute to Steve Jobs. But their latest track takes�it a step further. Frontman Wayne Coyne roped in Siri to lay down some vocals on �Now I Understand� � a �sound�construction� piece available for one week only.

Siri introduces the track by telling Wayne that she does not understand �the moon, the stars, and the sun.� Thankfully for  [Read More…]

The Flaming Lips Will Cover The Beatles Revolution as Tribute to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a massive fan of English rock band The Beatles, and once revealed in an interview for 60 Minutes that his business plan was inspired by the group. To honor Steve�s life and his achievements, The Flaming Lips will provide a special performance at the O Music Awards on October 31 where they will perform a cover of The Beatles� �Revolution�.

The performance will be recorded on one of  [Read More…]