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Flashback clothes are carefully crafted nuclear photobombs

Most clothing designers like to see their clothes well photographed. Betabrand’s Steven B. Wheeler has menswear that just might ruin a photo — and that’s part of the cool factor. Wheeler and DJ Chris Holmes teamed up to design five…Read more ›

Recreate Everpix’s Flashback With Automator, Dropbox and iCal

It seems like people really miss Everpix’s great Flashback feature. I have spent far too many hours over the past few days trying to find a way to replace it, but Thomas Verschoren went one better, and rolled his own…Read more ›

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Wooden Radio iPhone Is A Flashback To The 1970s

jdrd_1024x1024Remember the Area Ware wooden iPhone dock concept that we saw back in May? No, neither do I, a problem not helped by the fact that Google insists on searching for “are aware” when I tap in “Area Ware”. Either way, that neat design has been, uh, redesigned and can now be almost bought: It’ll […]

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Beam New Sounds To The Flashback Guitar Pedal With Your Mac Or iOS Device [Review]

Tc electronic flashback 5

The Flashback looks totally old school, but totally isn’t.

TC Electronic’s Flashback guitar pedal ($ 169) is a multitalented piece of gear. Its robust set of delay and loop features make it easy to get lost in hours of guitar playing, but when paired with a Mac or iOS device, it does something no other pedals can do.

The Good

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Apple Kills Java On The Mac To Fight Malware Like Flashback

Don’t trust the Java.

Apple released a small Java update for OS X users this Wednesday. The update effectively removed the Java applet plug-in that typically comes pre-installed in all web browsers on the Mac. Why? Well, Apple has been trying to distance itself from Java for quite some time, mainly due to the fact that most malware spreads via Java vulnerabilities.

Take the recent Flashback trojan, for example. Millions of Macs  [Read More…]

Flashfake Antivirus Tool For Mac Finds And Removes Flashback Trojan


Apple recently responded to the Flashback trojan that has reportedly infected at least 600,000 Macs. The Cupertino company said that it is working on an antivirus tool to detect and remove Flashback from infected computers. Another tool called FlashBackChecker can check to see if youre infected right now. Russian firm Kaspersky Lab has released a free Mac antivirus tool to not only discover, but  [Read More…]

See If Your Mac Has the FlashBack Trojan – Easy Way

In the recent scares of the FlashBack Trojan for Mac OS X, people have been wondering whether or not they have contracted it. There are some pretty simple Terminal commands to follow if you want to check whether you have it or not, however if you simply cant understand how to use Terminal or you dont want to risk a typo that could damage your system, then you can use this free alternative. Its an  [Read More…]

New Flashback OS X Trojan is in the Wild, And It Can Kill OS Xs Anti-Malware [Scams]

You may recall theFlashback.A OS X trojan that Apple patched last month. The virus disguised itself as the official AdobeFlash Player installer and connected to an unknown server to secretly download and run unsigned code. According to F-Secure, the Flashback trojan isback again in a new variant thats capable of disabling Applesanti-malware tool from auto-updating. Flashback.C disables Apples native anti-malware tool, calledXProtect, from receiving updates from Apple that help OS  [Read More…]