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Samsung profits continue to tumble as Galaxy S6 falls flat

If there’s one area Samsung would dearly love to copy Apple it’s not smartwatches or tablets or store design or even smartphones — but profits. Despite protesting earlier reports that the Galaxy S6 was proving to be a gigantic sales…Read more ›

Apple’s bid to recover $16m in legal fees from Samsung falls flat

  Apple’s bid to recover $ 16 million in attorney fees from Samsung following the massive patent dispute between the two companies has been blocked by the U.S. District Court. Judge Lucy Koh has also returned a $ 2.6 million bond posted by Apple to…Read more ›

Flat with a chance of transparency: Weather Channel for iPad gets iOS 7 makeover

A couple of months after debuting its new look iPhone app complete with updated iOS 7 design, The Weather Channel has finally given its iPad app the same treatment — with a new look interface that is “closely aligned to…Read more ›

Viber Joins The Flat Revolution With iOS 7 Update

Nifty free voice call and IM service Viber has upgraded to iOS 7.0 with its latest update — incorporating the flat design we’ve come to expect with all iOS apps. With more than 100 million monthly active users, and having…Read more ›

Lightning Cable Is Red, Flat, And Named After A Shark

I like this Hammerhead Lightning cable for two reasons: it’s red, and the cable is flat. Actually, make that three reasons – it’s called the Hammerhead, like the frikkin shark. Feature-wise, there’s nothing to it. At $ 18.99, it’s a penny…Read more ›

Foolish Render: ‘Mac Air’ Is Flat As A Pancake

Sure, we’ll be seeing a host of fun things tomorrow on the internets, many of them having to do with new crazy Apple products. Today, however, we found this slick little number from Chinese site AppleUser: the Mac Air Desktop,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Re-Theme OS X with Flat White Windows & Retro Mac Pinstripes

White flat theme for Mac OS X

The general appearance of Mac OS X has remained mostly the same for several major OS X releases now, but earlier versions of the operating system had a brighter whiter look for window frames and panels, with some pin striping thrown in there. If you’re tired of the newer darker modern theme that exists throughout OS X from Snow Leopard to Mavericks, you can re-theme  [Read More…]

Instapaper Goes Flat For iOS 7, Adds Smart Filters For Sorting Articles

IMG_3647The new Instapaper is here for iOS 7, and it’s flatter. Betaworks has simplified the app’s layout to fit the design aesthetic of iOS 7, and it looks great. The biggest addition to Instapaper 5.0 is article filtering by date, length, read time, and popularity. Videos have finally been sorted into their own folder with […]

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Wall Street Thinks Apple Is In For A Flat Quarter

Bull_and_bear1If you’re expecting another record quarter for Apple, you might be the only one. According to Fortune, most of Wall Street expects Apple to barely grow at all year-over-year in fiscal Q2. Right now, 35 Wall Street analysts are reporting a median expectation of Apple to announce $35.02 billion in revenues in the previous quarter. […]

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