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Jeb Bush thinks Apple Watch is flawed, but still cool

Poor Jeb Bush. He can’t even discuss the Apple Watch and its shortcomings without coming off as overly exasperated. “It’s not as intuitive as the other Apple products,” he said in a recent video interview with Business Insider. “The battery gives out too quick,” he continued, exhibiting the kind of head-bobbing body language he usually […]

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Glowing results are possible when building with flawed wood

Jewelry maker Mat Brown is getting married, and the romantic in him is hard at work creating wedding rings out of an alloy of silver and gold called electrum. But on the practical side of sharing a life, Brown recently…Read more ›

Fly like a dragon (and smash into walls) in fun but flawed Dragon Raiders

I’m soaring through the air, dodging fallen trees and rocky overhangs, and evading plumes of sooty black smoke while trying to collect as many runes as I possibly can — and I’m loving it. Who would have thought being a dragon…Read more ›

Toshiba FlashAir. Promising, But Ultimately Flawed [Review]

IMG_2892FlashAir byToshiba Category: SD Cards Works With:Cameras Price: $50 What the hell is wrong with wireless SD card makers? They manage to cram an entire Wi-Fi router into an SD card, along with the memory that’s already in there, and yet the software looks like they got their idiot cousin to write it in a […]

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Reviews Are Calling Ashton Kutcher’s “JOBS” Entertaining, But Flawed [Roundup]

It was originally called 'jOBS', but someone turned their caps lock back on.

It was originally called ‘jOBS’, but someone turned their caps lock back on.

The first movie made about Steve Jobs after his death, JOBS starring Ashton Kutcher, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last night. The movie has been generating a lot of buzz for the past several months, and a teaser clip was aired earlier this week. Apple  [Read More…]