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iPhone is most popular camera among Flickr’s 112 million photographers

The longtime Kings of the Camera must know their kingdoms are shrinking. If Canon or Nikon need further evidence, Flickr’s 2015 Year in Review shows the popular tool of choice for an engaged and global photography community is not a dedicated camera. It’s first and foremost a phone. Apple’s iPhone was the popular device used […]

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Flickr’s New Photo Pages Are Faster, Fuller, Flickrer

You know how Flickr is cool and all but whenever you just want to see the info about a photo, you have to search all over the page and click a bunch of buttons and they all take forever to…Read more ›

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Flickr’s New iOS App: So Much More Than Just Filters [Review]

Hey Flickr! Lookin’ goooood

A day after Twitter unveiled its first foray into photo filters, here’s a whole new app from the folks at Flickr. They know a thing or two about photography, and this new version of their iOS app is fantastic. It has filters, but who cares? Flickr is about a helluva lot more than just filter effects.

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