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Flipboard brings its gorgeous magazine app to the web

Flipboard has taken the leap from mobile to desktop. What started as one of the first iPad apps is now accessible through any modern browser via Flipboard.com, a beautiful web interface for consuming online content. Like the iPad and iPhone…Read more ›

Now On iPhone, Material Wants To Be The App You Replace Flipboard With

Lookout, Flipboard, Material is coming for you.Developer Inq Mobile has just announced a new version of a content discovery app, Material, now available for iOS users as well as those on Android. It’s a free app that aims to sort through millions of sites to find stuff you’ve already showed an interest in, via Twitter and Facebook. Material grabs all of […]

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You Can Now Read Your Favorite Flipboard Magazines In Your Browser

Flipboard-webFlipboard is no longer a service that you can only enjoy on mobile devices. From today, more than 2 million magazines on every topic imaginable are available to read in your web browser. Each one boasts Flipboard’s signature look and feel, but they’re been optimized for the larger screen on your desktop. With Flipboard magazines […]

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Flowboard, Flipboard Embroiled in Trademark Infringement Clash

flowboard-flipboard-iconsFlowboard. Flipboard. Look too similar? The people behind the Flipboard app certainly think so. Brent Brookler, CEO of Treemo and creator of e-publishing iPad app Flowboard, says Flipboard has been threatening him with legal action since shortly after his app launched back in April, asking him to change the name of his app. Flipboard also […]

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Flipboard Update Delivers New Profile Pages, Friends Category, SMS Sharing


Flipboard for iOS has received a number of new features in its latest update, which is available to download from the App Store today. Users can now enjoy profile pages with readership and curation statistics, as well as a new Friends category in the Content Guide. There’s also the ability to share stories via SMS.

Flipboard 2.0, which landed back in March, gave users the ability to create their own customized  [Read More…]

Flipboard 2.0 Arrives With Customizable Magazines, Web Bookmarklet, Commenting, And More


Today Flipboard received a huge 2.0 update that brings a slew of new features and additions, most notably the ability to create custom magazines and share them with friends. You can assemble articles, photos, audio and video into a collage of content that Flipboard will format. It’s a big step towards putting curation in the hands of Flipboard users, and it’s implemented beautifully.

Flipboard also allows you to “flip” any webpage  [Read More…]

Check Out Cult of Mac’s New And Improved Flipboard Page

Cult of Mac just got an even better on Flipboard.

Many of the writers here at Cult of Mac use Flipboard to read news, and we know many of you do too. That’s why we’re proud to unveil our new and improved Flipboard page!

We’ve been working closely with Flipboard for the past several months on a special design that fits our style here at Cult of Mac. Our Flipboard page has  [Read More…]

Flipboard Adds New Levis Catalog Section To Its Popular News App

Flipboard started out as an iPad app, then an Android app. Now the two-year old news app is fast becoming the go-to app to beat on all platforms with its clever re-do of cluttered blog layouts into silky smooth print-like pages that just beg to be read on a mobile tablet.

This past week, however, the company took another step in a new direction, and delivered “the New Levi’s  [Read More…]

Watch Out, Flipboard, Trapit for iPad Raises The Stakes For Newsreader Apps [iOS Tips]

This might well be the future of news content consumption.

Finding stuff on the web is pretty easy. Finding stuff you don’t already know about, surprising stuff, is hard. That’s what the developers behind Trapit are trying to fix.

Trapit for iPad allows you to discover things you’re already interested in as well as stuff you may not even know you’re looking for using algorithms that run in the app behind  [Read More…]

Denso Is Like Flipboard For Video [Review]

Denso for iPad Denso is a little bit like Flipboard, but just for video content. Open it up, and youll see a selection of curated and branded channels that you can subscribe to on your iPhone or iPad.   There are some big names here. News outlets like CNBC, The Guardian, and Al Jazeera. But theres other stuff too, like National Geographic, How Stuff Works, NASA, TED, and  [Read More…]