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Boa Flow backpack is like having your own personal Sherpa

When I opened the (huge) shipping box that brought the new Boa Flow to Cult of Mac’s German HQ, I thought I’d hate it (the bag, not the box). But it turned out to be one of my favorite bags…Read more ›

Booq’s new Boa Flow Graphite looks like a bag that might finally carry everything, anywhere

You’ve probably noticed Booq’s odd penchant for naming their strange, sophisticated baggage after snakes. And if you’ve really been paying attention, you’ll have noticed variations on one species crop up over and over again: The Booq Boa. The Boa’s DNA has…Read more ›

Wish You Had Instagram On The iPad? Look No Further Than Flow

One of Instagram’s biggest faults is that it lacks an official iPad app. And it doesn’t look like the Facebook-owned service has any plans for Apple’s tablet in the near future. Many third-party apps have attempted to offer a viable…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Liquid Helps Information Flow Smoothly [Review]

Copy text and act on it

Liquid is a productivity helper for OS X. It comes in two flavors – free and paid. The idea is to speed up your information seeking workflow. You find something you need to research, and a few key presses later you’ve got some data. Or a unit conversion. Or, in the paid version, a language translation. It’s got a lot of features.

The first unexpected  [Read More…]

Overflow Brings Apples Cover Flow Effect To Your iOS Dock [Jailbreak]

Jailbreakers can bring Apples Cover Flow effect to their iOS docks with a new tweak called Overflow. Created by App Store and jailbreak developer Adam Bell, Overflow works with tweaks like Infinidock and Springtomize to let you easily scroll through docked apps like album covers in the Music app. To use Overflow, youll need to have a tweak installed that lets you add more than 4 apps to your  [Read More…]

Pulse For iPhone & iPad Gets A Major Update With Beautiful Smart Dock, Cover Flow And More

Pulse is one of our favorite personalized news aggregating apps, but the latest app made it even better than ever, adding a redesigned catalogue with sexy coverflow action, an improved UI and even a new Zite-like Smart Dock to supercharge an already great app.   Heres whats new, according to the release notes: Completely Redesigned Catalog: New cover flow interaction to browse through sources  [Read More…]

[Review] SmoothCoverFlow: Make iOS 5’s Cover Flow Stop Lagging!

iPod Touch 4G (no SmoothCoverFlow) and iPhone 4 (with SmoothCoverFlow). See the difference! SmoothCoverFlow is a new jailbreak tweak available for free in Cydia by the developer deVbug. SmoothCoverFlow is your solution to the laggy cover flow in iOS 5. Since the release of iOS 5, users have been complaining about how laggy the cover flow is. It seems like Apple just didn’t care about it too much. They haven’t released any updates since the iOS 5 beta to fix  [Read More…]

Amazon Launches Augmented Reality Shopping iPhone App Flow

Online retailer extraordinaire Amazon wants to become your steady real-world shopping companion. Theyve launched a free augmented reality app called Flow for your iPhone. It works like this: you see something in a store, point your iPhone at its UPC code and a stream of information comes to you including product information, customer reviews and related products. This is the first app from Amazons A9 subsidiary and the company touts  [Read More…]