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How to Snap Portrait Mode-Style Photos on Any iPhone with Focus Mode for Instagram

Using Portrait Mode to achieve a depth effect on photos may be limited to certain iPhone models with dual-camera lenses, but a variety of third party apps are bringing similar portrait mode photography features to all other iPhones too. Instagram is one of them, with a “Focus” feature that captures pictures using a similar depth … Read More

How to Disable the Focus Ring Animation in Mac OS X

One of the most subtle animations found in Mac OS X and macOS is known as the “focus ring animation”, which is a sort of zooming highlight around where ever the cursor focus goes in a text book. Many users likely haven’t even noticed it, it’s that subtle. If you have no idea what the … Read More

Steve Jobs opera will focus on his tenor at Apple

Steve Jobs’ life is about to get yet another retelling — this time in the form of an opera entitled “The Revolution of Steve Jobs,” coming to the Santa Fe Opera as part of the company’s 2017 season. Written by composer Mason Bates and librettist Mark Campbell, the production will supposedly “examine Jobs facing his […][Read More…]

Apple Watch’s new ads focus on travel and fitness

Apple continued its marketing blitz for the Apple Watch today with four new TV ads that highlight how useful the new wearable is for fitness freaks as well as travel junkies. Two of the clever new ads titled ‘Beijing’ and…Read more ›

Apple may drop iPad Air 3 to focus on iPad Pro in 2015

We’ve been reporting plenty about the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but so far there’s been next to nothing about the next-generation iPad Air, which most people are expecting this fall alongside a new iPad mini. According to a new report,…Read more ›

Apple’s Japanese R&D center will focus on materials, vehicles and health research

Apple’s impressive upcoming R&D center in Yokohama will allow Apple to tap into the materials, vehicles and health expertise that exists in Japan, according to a new report. The R&D facility — which will be Apple’s biggest in Asia — will join similar offices in the U.K., China and…Read more ›

Apple’s P2P payment patent has a focus on security

In a few years, “Sorry, I don’t have any cash on me” may no longer be a good enough excuse to give that chronically money-strapped friend when they come around asking to borrow a few bucks. That’s because a newly…Read more ›

iPad Air 2’s versatility is the focus of Apple’s new ‘Change’ ad

Over the weekend, Apple debuted its latest ad for the iPad Air 2, named “Change.” As with all of the ads in Apple’s “Your Verse” campaign for the first generation iPad Air, the upbeat “Change” demonstrates the flexibility of the iPad…Read more ›

ProCam brings iOS 8′s manual camera controls into focus

ProCam 2 – confusingly now at v3.0 – is the first camera app that allows manual focus and exposure on devices running iOS 8. You now get full manual control of ISO, shutter speed, focus and white balance, all with…Read more ›

Tim Cook looks to diversify board of directors as Apple’s focus widens

The spotlight on Tim Cook isn’t going away anytime soon, especially when Apple has yet to unveil any of the new “product categories” he promised would come this year. In a new profile by The Wall Street Journal, Cook’s efforts…Read more ›