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Change Finder Search to Look In Current Folder Rather Than Everywhere in Mac OS X

Finder window search

Using the search box that sits in the top right corner of a Finder window defaults to searching everything on a Mac. Sure, you can click the center Search option after the fact to narrow it down to the current folder, but often times you’re using that search feature thinking it will look in the current folder first… but it actually searches every single file and folder on  [Read More…]

How to List All Files and Subdirectory Contents in a Folder

Ever wanted to see not only every file in a given directory, but all files within that directories buried subdirectories? If you’re looking for what is basically a recursive listing of files in a given folder, we’ll show a great trick for the Mac OS X Finder that allows you to do just that, and also demonstrate several more advanced approaches using the command line.

Expand All Subdirectories & List Folder Contents in the OS X Finder

To quickly  [Read More…]

How To Hide iOS Apps Inside The Newsstand Folder Without Jailbreaking [Video]


If you want to hide some of the apps that come pre-installed with iOS — such as Stocks, Weather, or Game Center — there’s a nifty new trick that’ll allow you to place them into the Newsstand folder. No jailbreak is required — you don’t even need a computer — and you can hide as many apps as you like. You can also open them as you normally would from inside  [Read More…]

Quickly Find What Folder Holds an App in iOS

Find apps and what folders they're in quickly with Spotlight for iOS

For those of us who have a bunch of apps contained within iOS folders, it’s fairly easy to misplace apps that aren’t used often. To quickly find out what folder contains an app, just swipe to the right of the iOS home screen to bring up Spotlight search, then type the name of the app into Spotlight. Alongside the app  [Read More…]

Save a List of Files & Folder Contents Into a Text File

A directory listing saved as a text file

Saving a complete listing of files contained with a folder is easy, and there are two quick ways to save that list as a text file.

Save a List of Files from Finder

The first approach may be easiest for most users and is done through the OS X Finder and TextEdit app, it’s a simple matter of copying and pasting:

Open the  [Read More…]

Put Newsstand Into a Folder with StifleStand

Put Newsstand into a Folder

If you don’t use the Newsstand app in iOS there isn’t much reason to keep it around on the home screen, but for whatever reason Apple has made it impossible to move into a folder. A past bug let you move it, but that’s been patched with more recent versions of iOS.

Now for the good news, a new tweak lets you dump the Newsstand icon  [Read More…]

StifleStand Puts Newsstand In A Folder On Any iOS Device, No Jailbreak Required

Before and after Newsstand gets hidden on the iPhone.

Apple won’t let you put the iOS Newsstand icon in a folder for some ridiculous reason. It’s annoying. A lot of people don’t use Newsstand on the iPhone, and after awhile that wooden bookshelf icon seems to just sit there, mocking you. Wouldn’t it to be nice to hide it in a folder with all the other stock apps you don’t you use,  [Read More…]

Open a Files Enclosing Folder from All My Files in OS X

Open the Enclosing Folder of a file immediately from All My Files in OS X

All My Files is one of those features of Mac OS X that was somewhat controversial at first, but once you start using it often you can stop sorting files yourself in the Finder and just let All My Files, search, and Spotlight manage documents instead. Nonetheless, there are still times when you’ll want to know where  [Read More…]

Disable Go To Folder in Mac OS X

Disable Go To Folder in Mac OS X

The Go To Folder command is one of the most useful features in the OS X Finder, letting you quickly navigate deep into directory structures without having to click around. But it can also be used to access folders you may not want users to get to, be it /System/ directories or the Library folders. If you want to lock down a Mac a  [Read More…]

Hide Anything from Spotlight in Mac OS X with the Library Folder

Hide anything from Spotlight with the Library Folder

Though you can add anything to Spotlights Privacy list to prevent indexing of that folder or file, the obvious problem with that approach is the file or folder is shown within the Spotlight control panel in Mac OS X, making it easy for someone else to find the excluded items.

Another way to hide a file from Spotlight is to drop it in  [Read More…]