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Enable a Confirmation When Deleting Files & Folders with rm Command

Most command line users know that the “rm” command for removing and deleting files is quite powerful, able to delete just about any file imaginable within the file system – whether it should be removed or not. Once you add in wildcards and sudo, rm and srm because exponentially more potent and potentially dangerous, so … Read More

How to organize your Apple TV with folders

The latest Apple TV has 5,000 apps and every one I’ve installed on my Home screen is a pain in the ass to find. That is, until now. Apple just introduced tvOS 9.2, which brings the organizing power of folders to your 4th Generation Apple TV, and boy are we excited. Here’s how to organize […]

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How to nest folders in iOS 9

I’m not sure why iOS doesn’t officially support nested folders, despite the fact that people have been clammoring them for years. Needless to say, dropping a folder inside another folder is still a no-no in iOS 9.0.2… unless you use this easy trick to nest your folders inside each other. Here’s how easy it is […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Maximize your Mac’s file system with Smart Folders

A longtime Cult of Mac reader wrote in with a question about some odd-looking folders she sees on her Mac. “The ‘All Pictures’ folder has a sprocket looking icon,” she writes. “Same with All PDF documents and Recently Changed documents.…

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How to Make Folders in the iCloud File Browser from OS X Mavericks

Though many Mac users don’t use iCloud for their primary document storage, those users who do know that the iCloud document browser found within an Open or Save dialog box window can become cluttered with files rather quickly. A simple solution is to make folders for the iCloud documents, which is easy to do but … Read More

Open Folders as New Windows Instead of Tabs in the Finder of OS X

The Mac file system received tabbed window support in OS X Mavericks, which also caused opening new Finder windows into launching new tabs rather than an actual new Finder window. While this helps to cut down on window clutter when browsing the file system, it can also be kind of frustrating if you want to … Read More

Solving the mystery of OS X’s missing /Users folders

The majority of people who upgraded to OS X 10.9.3 yesterday noticed what seemed to be a strange glitch, in the form of their /Users and /Users/Shared folders disappearing. In fact, the fault doesn’t have to do with 10.9.3 at…

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How To Nest Folders Inside Other Folders In iOS 7.1 [Video]

Thanks to a glitch in iOS 7, it was possible to put folders inside of other folders. With iOS 7.1, Apple fixed the glitch, but lo and behold, they seem to have missed an even bigger glitch that makes it…

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Folderol Colorizes Finder Folders With Drag’n’Drop

Sick of all those boring blue folders that crowd your Finder windows? I know I am. I can barely copy a file without my eyes starting to cross, my breathing slowing and the tendrils of sleep starting to soothe my…

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Removing Tags from Files & Folders in OS X Mavericks

File tags in OS X We showed you how easy it is to quickly add tags to files and folders with the simple drag & drop trick, but what if you want to remove a tag from something? That’s equally easy, and we’ll cover two ways to remove a tag or multiple tags from items that currently have them: through a quick right-click action, or through the Finder toolbar. These two tricks  [Read More…]