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Ready to trade in your old phone? Meet the folks behind our gadget buyback (highest prices, btw)

We recently launched a gadget buyback program that promises to pay more for used and broken Apple devices than Gazelle, Walmart and even Apple itself. This post is about the startup company we partnered with to bring you this service. A college friend who bought a new phone and was about to trash a defunct […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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$300 iPad Magnifier Stand For Folks As Dumb As They Are Short Sighted

Finally, the perfect gift for the myopic or sight-impaired person in your life! It’s called the U See Tablet Magnifier, and it’s a stand that turns your iPad into a giant, zoomable, battery-powered magnifying glass for short-sighted folks like me.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Here’s What Folks On Google+ Had To Say About Apple’s iPhone 5 Announcement

What did the fine folk on Google+ have to say about Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement? Well, you can see for yourselves by clicking HERE. Unfortunately our thumbnails don’t go beyond 640X400 on the site so I had to host it over on Google+ of course. As can be expected, initial impressions were not flattering, but then again, neither was Apple’s keynote *rimshot*. What about the rest of you, what are your  [Read More…]

Some Folks Have Their Heads in The Cloud When it Comes to Understanding Cloud Computing

Some time ago, MMi highlighted a report noting the large number of iPhone 4 owners who (incredibly) believe that their device is running on a 4G network. While this confusion among the masses is difficult for some to comprehend, it is much easier to believe how some individuals are confused about iCloud and what exactly cloud computing is all about. And, yes, there’s data to support this widespread head-scratching over cloud computing. A new survey  [Read More…]