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Twitterrific Rises To Top Of App Store Charts Following iOS 7 Unveiling


There are a few popular apps that already look like they were designed for iOS 7. Twitterrific 5 by The Iconfactory is one such example. Months before Apple unveiled iOS 7, Twitterrific started using the general design aesthetic Apple has now implemented across the entire OS. It’s almost like the makers of Twitterrific knew what was coming.

Following the unveiling of iOS 7 and Apple releasing the software in beta form  [Read More…]

Ulysses III Update Gets A Whopping 117 Changes Following User Feedback


We told you about Ulysses III when it first hit the Mac App Store back in April, and we called it “the best text editor ever” in our review. And it’s even better with its latest update, which brings a whopping 117 changes based on user feedback.

If you need a good text editor for Mac, then we urge you to give Ulysses a try. It’s a little more expensive than  [Read More…]

Following App Store Ban, AppGratis Turns To Android For Survival


After being pulled from the App Store back in April for violating Apple’s latest guidelines, AppGratis has turned to Android to keep its app recommendation service alive. The company has this week launched a new app in Google Play that promises a free app every day, plus discounts of up to 90% on paid Android titles.

The new AppGratis app has been “designed from the ground up just for Android,” but  [Read More…]

iPhone App Downloads Dropped 13% In February Following Holiday Spike


iPhone app downloads dropped significantly last month following a spike over the holiday season. According to app marketing platform Fiksu, downloads dropped 13% to 5.2 million per day in February, from 6.01 million per day in January.

Fiksu’s Cost Per Loyal User Index also showed that app marketing costs had fallen as well. Publisher acquisition costs for users that open the app three times or more fell from $ 1.56 in January  [Read More…]

Why Google And Microsoft Are Following Apple Into The Hardware Game


Google announced its first computer yesterday, the ChromeBook Pixel. Yes, they’ve had ChromeBooks for a few years now, but this is the first computer product that was made solely by Google.

Over the past few years we’ve seen service and software oriented companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon venture into hardware development. It’s left many people scratching their heads, as we wonder why these companies want to shift their focus to  [Read More…]

Oracle Patches Java 7 & Java 6 Following Apple Hack To Close “Remote Compromise”


Following today’s big story that a number of employee computers within Apple were compromised following a zero-day Java exploit, Oracle has just released update 15 for Java 7 and update 41 for Java 6.

While there’s no specific mention of what has been updated, there’s excellent reason to believe it fixes the vulnerability that compromised both Apple and Facebook.

SANS Technology Institute’s Johannes B. Ullrich notes that in this  [Read More…]

Wunderlist 2 Finally Comes To iPad Following A Successful Launch On iPhone

Wunderlist_iPad-Campaign3 Wunderlist 2 has finally arrived on the iPad today, just under three months after making its debut on the iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC. This update introduces a whole host of new features and functionality, in addition to speed and performance improvements under the hood. And as usual, it’s completely free.

Wunderlist is now a universal app, so when it gets new features on iPhone — which are promised in the  [Read More…]

Clear For iPhone Makes Edge Swipe Gesture Optional Following User Feedback


Realmac Software, the developers behind Clear for iPhone, have been listening to your feedback, and they’ve today release an update that makes the “Edge Swipe” gesture entirely optional. In addition to this, they’re made some iCloud tweaks that promise to “improve how Clear behaves when iCloud misbehaves.”Although this isn’t a major update to Clear, it does make a significant change that’s sure to make a big difference to some users. Those  [Read More…]

Apple’s Share Price Slides Following Report Of iPhone 5 Component Cuts


Apple’s share price has plummeted this morning, following an earlier report that said the Cupertino company had cut iPhone 5 component orders due to weaker-than-expected demand. When the market opening on Monday morning, Apple stock dropped to $ 16.23, or 3.1%, to $ 504.07.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a report from The Wall Street Journal regarding iPhone 5 component cuts “spooked Apple investors” and sent the company’s stock sliding even further. Sources familiar with  [Read More…]

Father Uses Find My iPhone To Locate Teenage Son Following Car Accident


Are you using Find My iPhone yet?

Apple’s Find My iPhone service is often used to locate thieves who have stolen iOS devices, but it can also be a life saver. A 17-year-old was air lifted to hospital on Friday, November 2, following a car accident in Santa Barbara, California. But if it wasn’t for Find My iPhone, paramedics would have struggled to find him.

The boy’s vehicle was found 200 feet  [Read More…]