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Apple Seeks Developers To Fix Its New Maps App Following Widespread Criticism

This kind of thing is all too familiar in iOS 6.

Job listings on Apple’s website reveal that it is currently seeking developers to help fix its newly-released Maps app, which has received widespread criticism since making its debut in iOS 6 on Wednesday. The company is calling for software engineers who will be tasked with “road rendering,” and “creating new and innovative features.”

According to one posting, which was spotted by  [Read More…]

Following Early Success Of iPhone 5, Apple Stock Hits Record High Of $700 Per Share

AAPL continues to rise into uncharted territory.

Apple stock has been climbing rapidly towards $ 700 per share since the iPhone 5 was announced Wednesday, September 12th. Now, less than a week after the announcement from Apple, AAPL has hit $ 700 in after hours trading, marking an all-time high.

Despite iPhone 5 naysayers, Apple remains the most valuable company in the world by a large margin.

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Samsung Customers ‘Jumping Ship’, Selling Their Devices Following Loss To Apple

Trying to sell one of these? You’re not the only one.

Apple’s lengthy battle with Samsung came to a close last Friday when a jury decided Samsung was guilty of infringing six of Apple’s patents, and that it must pay more than $ 1 billion in damages as a result. Not only was this a huge blow to Samsung, but it appears it’s also hit the Korean company’s customers, too.

One used  [Read More…]

Blizzard Battle.net Users Urged To Change Passwords Following Hack

Change your password now.

If you’re signed up to Blizzard’s Battle.net network, it’s time to change your password. The company has confirmed that its online service — which powers some of the most popular PC games including Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft — has been hacked. Although Blizzard is confident no financial information was taken, your email addresses and scrambled passwords have.

Blizzard maintains that even with these details, it won’t be easy for hackers to gain  [Read More…]

Kwaga To Breathe New Life Into Boxcar Following Acquisition

Boxcar is still open to new and existing users.

Earlier this month, we thought Boxcar had given on third-party push notifications for iOS. But it seems that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the service is about to get a new lease of life after being acquired by Kwaga, the company behind WriteThat.name.

Boxcar was hugely popular when it started up in 2009, because it brought push notifications to a  [Read More…]

Following His Death, Steve Jobs Authorized Biography Is Coming Out In Just Three Weeks

Following this morning’s new that the authorized biography of Steve Jobs had rocketed up the Amazon book charts, its publishers, Simon & Schuster, have announced that the title’s release date has been brought forward to October 24. Simply titled Steve Jobs, the book is written by Walter Isaacson, and was originally scheduled to ship on November 21. Just this morning we reported that the pre-orders for the book through Amazon had soared by  [Read More…]

Public Perception of Apple Improves Following Steve Jobs’ Departure as CEO

In the immediate hours following Steve Jobs’ announced departure as CEO of Apple, shareholders, investors, and industry analysts alike began expressing concerns about the potential fallout for the world’s most profitable company. Now better than one week removed from the installment of Tim Cook as the new Chief Executive Officer of Apple, it appears that anything but a death blow has been dealt to the Cupertino, California-based tech giant. In addition to Apple’s stock bouncing  [Read More…]

Apple Turns to Samsung Following Issues With LG Display Panels for iPad 2

Apple has reportedly turned to Samsung and Chimei Innolux for iPad 2 displays having suspended orders from LG Display due to quality issues. According to industry sources speaking to DigiTimes, not only was LGD unable to meet Apple’s July order of 1 million units, but its displays also failed Apple’s requirements during quality testing which say the backlight units fail. Apple has now turned to other suppliers, namely Samsung and Chimei Innolux,  [Read More…]

iPod Batteries May be in Short Supply Following Quake in Japan

Click the image to open in full size. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple may be facing a shortage of lithium polymer batteries that are used in its iPod line of music players. The bottleneck appears to be coming from a relatively obscure Japanese chemical maker that was forced to shutdown following the recent disaster in Japan. According to the Wall Street Journal, ?Kureha, which has a 70% share of the global  [Read More…]