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WhatsApp follows Apple’s lead with end-to-end encryption for all

Apple’s battle with the FBI may not have achieved much in court, but it did do some good. Following in the iPhone-maker’s footsteps, WhatsApp today began rolling out end-to-end encryption for every single one of its 1 billion users. The move will make intercepting messages near impossible for authorities — and even WhatsApp itself. Apple’s decision not to create […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Samsung follows Apple into luxury department store marketing

It’s well known that Samsung is happy to take a bit of inspiration from Apple when it comes to the look and feel of its mobile devices, but it’s also willing to splash the cash to try and match Apple’s…Read more ›

Apple Follows Google Into Charting iOS Adoption Figures For Devs


Apple has begun charting iOS adoption figures to help developers establish the percentage of users running different versions of iOS. Google has been doing the same thing for Android developers for some time, and Apple’s chart only highlights the massive difference in fragmentation between the two platforms.

For example, 93% of iOS users are running the latest iOS 6 release, while only 7% are using iOS 5 or earlier, according to  [Read More…]

HP Follows Apple’s Lead To Clean Up Factory Working Conditions


After facing a lot of scrutiny for the past few years over working conditions at factories in China, Apple has made a lot of progress on cleaning up their manufacturing partners’ facilities. Pay has been increased. Forced overtime and child labor aren’t as frequent. And we haven’t heard of any massive brawls in a while.

Following Apple’s lead, HP has decided to get its act together in China as well by reducing the  [Read More…]

Tumblr iOS App Follows Vine and 500px Into 17+ Rating Territory

Buttons like this just make kids want to press it.

Buttons like this just make kids want to press it.

The Tumblr iOS app updated about three hours ago, stating “small bug fixes” as what’s new in the app. This move comes shortly after 500px app was pulled from the app store, only to return with a 17+ rating, and Twitter-owned Vine got some flack as well.

What’s not listed in the  [Read More…]

Zite Follows Competition, Launches iPhone Reader

News aggregators designed to give you maximum reading pleasure on the iPads 9-inch screen are scaling down for iPhones. Case in point: Zite just launched a version providing all the news thats fit to scroll on your iPhone. Zite, acquired by CNN in August, promises that the same secret sauce it uses to personalize your reading  [Read More…]

Microsoft Follows In Apples Footsteps By Deciding To Sell Windows 8 Digitally

When Apple announced that it was going to sell OS X Lion exclusively as a digital download, many were skeptical. By not selling physical copies of the operating system, wouldnt Apple be crippling Lions consumer reach? As it turns out, Lion has already sold more than 6 millions copies in the Mac App Store, making it 80% more popular than Apples previous desktop OS, Snow Leopard. The folks in Redmond  [Read More…]

Sprint Follows DoJs Lead, Sues AT&T and T-Mobile Over Antitrust Concerns

And the dog piles on. Less than a week after the Department of Justice moved to block AT&Ts proposed merger with T-Mobile, Sprint has sued both carriers to help ensure the deal doesnt go through.   Arguing that the merger would violate Section 7 in the Clayton Antitrust Act, Sprint says that a merger would entrench the duopoly control of AT&T and Verizon, giving them collective control of over three  [Read More…]

Vudu Follows Amazon Onto The Web To Dodge Apples 30% Cut

Amazons not the only company to use the latest change in Apples in-app purchase policies forbidding links to outside e-stores as an excuse to cut the umbilical: Vudu has also shifted its streaming movie service over the web for iPad users.   Vudus new service uses HTTP Live Streaming, which streams the video with a bit rate automatically adjusting to match the connection. You can both rent and purchase movies.  [Read More…]