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Baseball, guitars, food and fishing: 8 Instagrams to follow right now

Regardless of what interests you have in your life, there is probably an Instagram feed for whatever your proclivities might be. Into rockabilly or baseball or even stamp collecting? You can undoubtedly find a couple of interesting photo feeds. Since…Read more ›

Image is everything as restaurants plate their food for Instagram fame

Some restaurants take pride in offering perfect food and wine pairings. Others think more in terms of food and phone pairings. Yes, you can blame Instagram if your restaurant is a little brighter and the presentation of the food is…Read more ›

Eternally optimistic dog simply cannot catch food

Fritz the Golden Retriever may be adorable with his bandanna and soulful doggy eyes, but man he can’t catch a damn thing. Well, except maybe a french fry near the end of this hilarious video that looks like it was…Read more ›

YO! Taco Bell’s new iPhone app is the future of fast food

What if you could skip the late night line at Taco Bell by ordering from your phone? It would be Doritos Locos heaven. Taco Bell is trying to reinvent the drive thru with a new mobile app released today. The…Read more ›

Ruh-roh: Your smart food scale and fitness tracker are talking to each other

This may be the last time you feel good about walking half a mile to get a cronut: a calorie-counting food scale and fitness tracker are on to you. Smart food scale Prep Pad now synchs with Jawbone Up, keeping…Read more ›

UP by Jawbone adds new weight management and food score features

Just because people are expecting Apple to revolutionize wearables with its long-awaited iWatch, doesn’t mean that there aren’t already some interesting developments going on in the wearable tech field. I’m a massive fan of Jawbone, which has just updated its UP by…Read more ›

Restaurant lets you pay for your food by Instagramming it

What if we lived in a world where you could pay for your food by sharing it on Instagram? Some would call it hell on earth because of how our Instagram feeds are already overwhelmed with such pictures, but that kind of…Read more ›

Clever app turns greasy fast food trays into World Cup soccer shootout

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is set to get underway in Brazil in less than a month which will bring four years worth of soccer football promotions packed into a month of kicking, grass stains and sweat to your TV. Giraffas, a one…Read more ›

This Week in Weird: 4 oddball games about food

Hundreds of new games come out every week in the App Store. A select few are the next must-play title that everyone will be talking about (and ripping off) for the foreseeable future. Most of them are perfectly decent but…Read more ›

How Apple’s cafeteria inspired this Kickstarter smart food scale

SITU — a smart food scale created by a former Apple employee — is close to reaching its Kickstarter goal, and there’s still time to get involved. An attractive Bluetooth scale which talks to your iPad, SITU works by showing…Read more ›