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Back to basics: 10 foot Lightning cable and Aviiq in-ear headphones [Deals]

Let’s be honest, charging your iOS lightning-compatible devices with Apple’s standard 3 foot lightning cable doesn’t cut it. When we charge our devices, we want the freedom to interact with them as well, and this is exactly what you get…Read more ›

Go tangle-free with The 10 Foot Bungee Lightning Cable [Deals]

Your usual prepackaged USB charging cable gets the job done for a short time. But after a month or so of life on the go, you find it damaged, knotted and unreliable. Cult of Mac Deals has a cable that…Read more ›

iMacompanion Adds USB Port To You iMac’s Foot

Would you pay $ 39 for the convenience of a front-facing USB port in your iMac? If so, you’re gonna love the iMacompanion, which is simultaneously one of the neatest widgets ever, and one of the worst-named gadgets in history. The…Read more ›

Be Where You Want While You Recharge With The 10 Foot Charging Cable For iPhone 5 And iPad Mini [Deals]

Let’s face it, the stock Lightning cable that comes with your iPhone 5 is just too short. And there’s not much worse than having a cable that is too short to be very useful in most situations. This offer from…Read more ›

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Did BlackBerry Just Shoot Itself In The Foot By Bringing BBM To Android & iOS?


I have a confession to make: I own a BlackBerry Z10, and I love it. I think its BlackBerry 10 operating system is terrific — it’ll be even better when it gets more apps — and I haven’t been this excited about a new platform since I got my first iPhone. Seriously.

I certainly don’t want to see BlackBerry sinking anytime soon, then.

But I can’t help but wonder whether BlackBerry  [Read More…]

Elegant Mika iPad Stand Looks Like a Miniature iMac Foot

MA 26

My huge 27-inch iMac is currently hanging on the wall thanks to a VESA mount and adapter, which means I’m intimately familiar with the heavy aluminum leg that used to hold it up. I have been looking for something to do with it other than using it to gather up dust under my bed, and now I think I have it: An oversized iPad stand.

Or I could just give Bluelounge  [Read More…]

Put Your Best Business Foot Forward With The Startup Handbook [Freebies]

I’m in the midst of launching my own business, and while I’ve spent a ton of time online and have built up a body of work I still have questions. I have an idea of where to begin, but I haven’t been able to fill in all of the blanks. What I need is not more resources – I can find those scattered all over the Internet – but what I  [Read More…]

iPad Survives 100,000 Foot Fall From “Space”

Dont see this everyday. An iPad surviving a 100,000 foot fall. From space. The iPad might not have been in orbital space, but the video is down right amazing. Taking into account terminal velocity the fact the iPad survived that kind of fall, fully functional and intact, makes me want to purchase a G-Form Extreme Edge case. The company used a weather balloon to float the iPad up to the 100,000 foot marker where the balloon promptly popped and sent  [Read More…]

Move Over Tiffanys! Per Square Foot, Apple Is The Most Powerful Retailer In America

New data published by RetailSails this week anindependentanalyzer of the U.S. retail industry has revealed that Apple is the highest ranking U.S. retailer when it comes to sales per square foot, way ahead of companies like Tiffany & Co, Costco, and Best Buy. According to RetailSails, Apple enjoys a staggering $ 5,626 worth of sales per square foot across its 327 retail stores in the U.S. To put that  [Read More…]

This Skydiving iPhone 4 Survived A 13,5000 Foot Freefall

Want ultimate protection for your iPhone when you are hurling yourself out of airplanes? Get an Incipio case, which helped the unlucky iPhone 4 pictured above survive a two mile free fall, albeit not without some war wounds.   CNN reports that an unlucky skydiver accidentally had his iPhone 4 slip out of his pocket during a dive. It fell 13,500 feet to smash into the hard surface of a  [Read More…]