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Forbes Magazine Comes To Newsstand On iPad


Forbes Magazine has today made its debut on Newsstand, and it promises to provide you with the “ultimate Forbes experience combining all the original magazine reporting on business, technology, and investing with the dynamic interactive content from Forbes.com” Users can buy single issues as and when they wish, or commit to a monthly or yearly subscription.

This isn’t the first time Forbes has been available digitally on iOS; users have been able  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Widow Joins Forbes Rich List, Is Now The Richest Women In Silicon Valley

Laurene Powell with husband Steve Jobs.

Forbes released their list of the richest people in the world today, and among the newcomers making the list is Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs.

Powell inherited Steve Jobs’ massive fortune, which Forbes estimates to be $ 11 billion, making her the wealthiest woman in Silicon Valley, and 28th richest person in the world.

“A Stanford business school student when she met  [Read More…]

Forbes Dropbox Profile Divulges Details of Jobs’ and Apple’s Acquisition Offer

Rumors surfaced last month that Dropbox balked at an $800 million acquisition offer from Apple. A new profile of the company in the upcoming issue of Forbes confirms the deal, and a lot more.

The Forbes cover story details Dropbox founders Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi�s personal meetings with Jobs, the first of which occurred in December of 2009 at Job�s Cupertino office.

I?mean, Steve friggin� Jobs,� remembers Houston, now 28. �How do you even prepare for that?� When  [Read More…]

Apple is in Front of Google and Behind Amazon in Forbes List of Most Innovate Companies [Report]

“Twilight in the Big Apple” � http://bit.ly/o7zg4p

Forbes has put together its list of the world�s most innovate�companies, and the results are fairly shocking. Apple places fifth on the list, with Amazon sitting comfortably ahead at the number two spot. Google ranked a very surprising seventh place, with the number one spot going to Salesforce.com.

The question on everyone�s mind: How do you determine �innovation?�

Forbes explains:

�Questioning allows innovators to challenge  [Read More…]