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Justice Department may be forced to disclose iPhone hacking secrets

The U.S. Department of Justice briefly gained the upper hand over Apple this week when it made it clear that it was in no rush to reveal how it hacked the iPhone at the center of the San Bernardino shooting case — thereby stopping Apple from plugging that particular vulnerability. However, it seems that Apple’s […]

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Kids love iPads so much that being forced to watch TV is a punishment

You might hear people talking about declining interest in the iPad, but try telling that to kids — who have expressed so much love for Apple’s tablet that last year it was named the #1 brand among children aged 6-12.…Read more ›

Samsung may be forced to slash Galaxy S6 orders by 16%

For a smartphone that was meant to turn around Samsung’s flagging mobile division, the Galaxy S6 hasn’t exactly been a rousing success. In fact, according to one new report coming out of Taiwan, sales have been sufficiently disappointing that Samsung…Read more ›

Stop iOS from Re-Joining Unwanted Wi-Fi Networks with a Forced Forget

iOS is usually smart enough to join the last functioning wireless network used within range, but if you’re in an area with many wi-fi networks available sometimes you’ll find an iPhone or iPad is persistently joining and re-joining a network that you don’t want it to, even if you consistently toggle over to join a … Read More

Foxconn Admits It Forced Student Interns To Work Illegal Shift Patterns

Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that assembles almost all of Apple’s most popular devices, has admitted that it has forced student interns to work illegal shift patterns. Thousands of students from the Xi’an Institute of Technology were made to work overtime and night shifts at the plant in violation of company policies. And if they refused to […]

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Omni Group Forced To Stop Offer Mac App Store Customers Paid Upgrades

446873777_640One of the big problems from a developer perspective about the Mac App Store is that it doesn’t allow developers to sell paid upgrades to their apps. Similarly to the iOS App Store, if a developer wants to make money off of a particularly juicy update, they need to sell it as an entirely new […]

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Google Forced To Give Up Documents In Apple Vs. Samsung Case


Google has been forced to hand over Android source code documents sought by Apple in an ongoing patent-infringement lawsuit against Samsung.

The search giant initially argued that it was not required to give up the documents and that it would be too burdensome to collect them, but U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal in San Jose, California, has given the company two days to give them up.

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Samsung Hires U.K. Judge Who Forced Apple To Apologize To Them Publicly


Remember that one time that a U.K. judge told Apple that they have to publish a public apology to Samsung on their homepage? It was a really weird punishment that made a lot of us scratch our heads, but Apple handled it pretty well.

Well it turns out that that same U.K. judge who was pro-Samsung now has a really good reason for wanting Samsung to win against Apple – he  [Read More…]

Apple Forced To Stop Selling Mac Pro In Europe Due To New Regulation Requirements

No Mac Pro for you, Europeans.

No Mac Pro for you, Europeans.

The International Electrotechnical Commission has forced Apple to stop selling the Mac Pro in European countries. Apple has officially announced the news to its retail partners, and all sales for the Mac Pro will come to a halt after February 18th. The U.S. remains unaffected.

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Apple Forced To Pay Chinese Writers Small Settlement In eBook Copyright Dispute [Report]

Apple has been having problems with Chinese writers suing for unlicensed eBook distribution in the App Store. After a group of writers asked Apple for 10 million yuan in damages for unlawfully distributing copyrighted works in certain Chinese apps, the court has forced Apple to pay a smaller settlement fee of 1.03 million yuan, which is only about $ 165,000.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

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