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Apple forces you to buy its own Apple Watch wireless chargers

Apple’s official charging pad may be a not-too-cheap $ 79, but if you want to wirelessly charge your smartwatch, Apple’s not leaving you a whole lot of options. That’s because, despite the wide range of Qi chargers around, Apple has made it so that its watch will only work with its own branded charger. “The Apple […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple forces GoodReader to pull some iCloud Drive functionality from app

GoodReader is a popular document reader app that can view or read pretty much every type of document under the sun. The latest update to the app makes it more powerful than ever, introducing a new Speak feature that can…Read more ›

Apple forces Nintype to drop one of the iOS keyboard’s signature features

With iOS 8, Apple has been showing a lot more indecision about what kind of app extensions, keyboards, and widgets are and aren’t allowed under the developer guidelines. This has caused even popular apps like PCalc and Drafts to have…Read more ›

Update: HealthKit bug forces Apple to pull fitness apps

A bug in HealthKit caused Apple to pull several fitness apps from its App Store Wednesday morning, just as the company was rolling out its long-awaited iOS 8 update. Apple said the problem could keep apps compatible with HealthKit, a…Read more ›

Burning iPhone 5 forces plane to make emergency evacuation

The TSA has started treating smartphones with dead batteries like potential bombs, but after an iPhone mishap on one plane caused an emergency evacuation, maybe they should be more worried about all the iPhones with a full charge too. Panic…Read more ›

Nintendo forces takedown of GBA4iOS emulator

Nintendo won’t bring its popular game franchises to iOS, and Apple won’t allow emulators in the App Store. In order to play titles like Super Mario and Zelda on your iPhone, then, you have to look at unofficial alternatives. GBA4iOS was one of the…Read more ›

Lawsuit Forces Apple To Change The Behavior Of VPN On Demand On iOS


Apple has been forced to change the way in which its VPN On Demand feature works on iOS devices following a patent lawsuit it lost last November. The Cupertino company has published a new knowledge base article to explain to users how the change will affect their devices.

The article reads:

Due to a lawsuit by VirnetX, Apple will be changing the behavior of VPN On Demand for iOS devices using  [Read More…]

Apple and Google Join Forces For $500 Million Bid On Kodak Patents [Report]

Apple and Google joining forces? Welcome to the Cold War (patent pending).

Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in January, and since then the photography pioneer has been trying to sell off its many patents. Over the summer it was reported that Apple and Google were leading separate groups in a bidding war for the valuable portfolio. Now a new report says that Apple and Google have teamed up to place a  [Read More…]

Apple Forces Pegatron to Cease Production of Asus Zenbook

Apple is apparently asking one of its manufacturers, Pegatron, to cease the production of Ultrabook laptops for Asus after being displeased with the similarity in appearance of Asus Zenbook line. The Cupertino California company even threatened Pegatron by saying that if they dont cease the production of the laptops that they will have to face the consequences of losing orders from Apple. Many of you already know that Ultrabooks are what PC manufacturers are seeking  [Read More…]

Apple Forces Nook and Kindle Apps to Remove In-App Purchases

The almighty Apple has dropped the e-book bomb on e-reader applications for iOS forcing Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Canada-based Kobo to alter in-app purchases in their applications. All three companies have altered their apps to fall in line with Apple’s new requirements regarding in-app subscriptions. Before the new agreement companies could put links in their apps sending users to an external site to sign up for subscriptions or make purchases and avoid paying Apple  [Read More…]