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Legislators closer to forcing Apple to help unlock iPhones

A bill that would force companies to help law enforcers decrypt private communication is one step closer to becoming a reality, after a draft was published this week. Called the Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016, the bill would stop companies including Apple refusing to help organizations like the FBI, provided that proper court […]

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White House won’t back bill forcing tech companies to break encryption

The White House is refusing to publicly support new draft legislation that would give judges the right to force tech companies like Apple to help law enforcement break encrypted data. The measure was put forward by Sens. Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein, respectively the Republican chair and top Democrat of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Both […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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After Recent Suicides, Foxconn Stops Forcing Workers From Fraternizing

Foxconn Factory

Foxconn is notorious for its tough working conditions and labor practices, but the company has started relaxing on some of its strict factory rules after two recent suicides occurred at its Zhengzhou factory last month.

Starting now, Foxconn has decided it will stop forcing workers from fraternizing with one another during work hours. Foxconn’s factories have used a “mute mode” policy with workers that prohibits any conversation that is not  [Read More…]

Fix Your Spotlight Search Results By Forcing Spotlight To Re-index [OS X Tips]

Ive had a few friends experience a problem with their Spotlight search results after upgrading to Mac OS X Lion and at other times for other reasons. They claimed to search for items that they knew were somewhere on their computer, but Spotlight wasnt able to find them in both cases. Heres a down and dirty fix for Spotlight that is useful when Spotlight seems to stop providing the results  [Read More…]

Apple Supply Chain Forcing Ultrabook Competitors to Find Metal Alternatives

Apple’s ability to throw around its massive cash horde and exercise some truly incredible purchasing power has forced MacBook Air competitors to find alternatives to metal for their ultrabook chassises. Earlier this year Intel released guidelines to producing ultraportable laptops (ultrabooks), with a major part of the guidelines being a “unibody-based magnesium-aluminum chassis.” To do this Apple and other producers depend on computer numerical control lathes (CNC). Apple has dibs on the two largest suppliers  [Read More…]

Apple Forcing Users to Purchase Ringtones in iOS 4.3 GM

New feature on iOS 4.3 GM shows how Apple is forcing users to purchase ringtones. The new feature called “Buy More Tones“. It looks like an order to buy ringtones, the new Buy More Tones button has been added in the ringtone portion of the sounds section in the Settings.app of iPhone running iOS 4.3.

When you will tap on Buy More Tones you will be taken to the Ringtones section  [Read More…]