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Without an official Apple Store, Dubai is the land that tech forgot

Apple still hasn’t opened an official store in the Middle East — and in Dubai that has allowed some otherwise past-it brands to not only eke out a modest existence but to thrive, complete with upmarket retail stores in shiny shopping malls. Posted…Read more ›

Forgot a Mac Firmware Password? Don’t Panic, Here’s What To Do

Users who require higher than usual security measures often set a firmware password on a Mac, which requires that a password be entered before the typical OS X boot sequence begins. While these low level passwords are quite secure, but that higher security also means a forgotten firmware password can be a significant problem. Nonetheless, … Read More

Forgot an OS X Lion Password? Reset it Using an Apple ID

Reset a forgotten Mac OS X Lion Password with an Apple ID Aside from resetting a Mac OS X Lion password with the passwordreset command line tool or by creating a new user account, you can use a new feature in OS X 10.7 that allows a user password to be reset via the accompanying Apple ID, the same Apple ID that  [Read More…]