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New iPhone app helps you form your dream band

Alex Gorokhovskiy is like a lot of musicians – broke and in search of compatible bandmates. But instead of investing in recording demos or outfitting his own group, he’s spending on everyone else who has ever wanted to play music and be in a band. Gorokhovskiy created the social media app Encore Music, which is […]

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Post-Apple Music, should Apple form its own label?

Apple Music probably couldn’t have gotten off to a much better start. Following its launch on Tuesday, the service has been widely praised by fans and critics for its user experience and terrific Beats 1 radio — but what’s next for…Read more ›

MixBag’s many pockets and modular design put function ahead of form

I was pretty sure I would never need to look any further than my trusty Chrome bag when it came time to be out and about with my electronics. It was a simple system, really: Just chuck everything into the…Read more ›

Fast, secure 64-bit support comes to Google Chrome on the Mac in beta form

If you’re a Chrome user, good news: the latest beta version of Google’s excellent web browser finally takes full-advantage of the speed and performance boosts of your Mac’s 64-bit chip. Prepare for a speedier, more stable web browsing experience. And…Read more ›

Stunningly Simple iPhone Stand Offers Flexible Form And Function

Need a way to hold your iPhone up in portrait or landscape mode? Hate wrapping it in some bulky case that hides the natural tech-beauty of Apple’s best smartphone design? The Breffo GumStick aims to solve your problems, friends, with…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Store Lines Form For The iPad Air Launch Around The World [Gallery]

iPad Day is  less that 12 hours away if you live on the East Coast – or already here if you live in Japan. Either way, Apple fans across the globe are already lining up in front of the nearest…Read more ›

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The MiDocks Unibody Dock Holds Any iPhone With A Stylish, Elegant Form [Review]

MiDocksHaving finally fulfilled its Kickstarter premium rewards with backer MiDocks units, manufacturer Mi has begun selling black and a silver brushed aluminum MiDock on its own web store. MiDocks by Mi Category: iPhone Docks Works With: iPhone, iPad Mini Price: £34.00 (about $53.00) This unibody iPhone dock is lightweight, solid, and has a fairly impressive […]

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Purported iPad 5 Rear Shell Shows Off New Form Factor [Image]


I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of case maker Tactus until last week, but in the space of just a few days it has published an unveiling date and specifications for the fifth-generation iPad, the plastic casing for Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone, and now the fifth-generation iPad’s new aluminum shell.

Although there’s no way of confirming this shell is genuine — it could have been manufactured by a third-party company building fakes  [Read More…]

Legendary Name Drops onto The iPad in The Form of ‘MechWarrior: Tactical Command’ RTS Game

I remember playing MechWarrior 2 in the mid 90s. Man, what thrill — I spent days piloting horribly destructive giant robots around a 3D battlefield, firing rockets, blasting anything that moved with terawatt lasers.

Of course, that was on my old 386 PC clone, back when I still followed the dark side of the force and hadn’t jumped on a Mac yet. But the MechWarrior / BattleTech series of games has  [Read More…]

Apple-Samsung Trial: Staggering Rout Shown In Final Verdict Form

Apple won the patent infringement trial against Samsung and received a huge damages sum.

Apples victory in its patent trial against Samsung is already a few hours old but the shock of the damage tally is still hard to shake off. The final figure of $ 1,049,393,540.00 is a staggering rebuke of Samsungs design and manufacturing process and may force the company toward more original ideas.

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