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2 Simple Ways to Strip Styling & Formatting from Text in Mac OS X

Strip text styling and font formatting

Want to quickly remove text styles and font formatting from some text? Here are two super fast ways to do just that, and they don’t require any third party downloads, both features are built right into Mac OS X. The first method will use an alternate copy & paste command that removes styling in the process, and the second trick will use TextEdit to strip  [Read More…]

[Review] Enable Text Formatting In iOS Emails

Rich Text for Mail allows you to format text in an iOS email. The iOS Mail application is a great email viewer, but it really isn’t that great of an email composer. It lacks a feature that many of us use in email every day – text formatting. Because of this, iOS developer Ryan Petrich found it necessary to create a jailbreak tweak known as Rich Text for Mail that allows you to change the formatting of your boring  [Read More…]

Formatting Issues With Steve Jobs Biography in iBooks? Re-Download It Now For Fix

Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Steve Jobs hit the iBookstore earlier this week, and after a few hours, I wondered why it had such a low star rating. I read some of the reviews to discover that many users have had formatting issues, which made some pages of the book illegible. Apple has now issued an update to the book and begun instructing customers on how to get the new version. [Read More…]