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Siri teams with Cerebral Palsy Foundation to teach you to ‘just say hi’

Siri is loaded with fun Easter eggs. However, its latest addition — created in collaboration with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation — isn’t flippant or sarcastic like some of the AI assistant’s other one-liners; it’s just good advice. Ask Siri how to start a conversation with someone with a disability, and she’ll answer, “It’s easy. Just […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation is fighting Apple over its new app

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, or the EFF, fights the good fight. An international non-profit digital rights group, the nonprofit is famous for standing up against big companies who think they can use baseless legal threats or intimidation to deny users…Read more ›

Sam Sung charity auction raises $2,653 for Children’s Wish Foundation

Sam Sung, the most ironically-named Apple retail employee on earth, is giving away his work shirt, badge, and business card to raise money for charity. The eBay auction ended last night with a winning bid of $ 2,653. “I had a…Read more ›

Apple Posts Steve Jobs Tribute: “His Spirit Will Forever Be The Foundation Of Apple”

Apple marked the anniversary of Steve Jobs death with a tribute on its home page today, the kind of tribute that only Apple could do.

The short film shows some of the best-known photos of Jobs doing what he did best, accompanied by some quotes and clips from some of his finest moments.

There’s humor in it too, like the moment Steve ordered 4,000 lattes to go, live on stage.  [Read More…]

Help the Electronic Frontier Foundation Keep Jailbreaking Legal

The Digital Millenium Copyright Act prevents people from circumventing digital rights management and other technological measures used to protect copyrighted material. However, DMCA, just like the much talked about SOPA, has its fair share of loopholes and possible abuses companies and governments can levee against consumers. Every three years the U.S. Copyright Office holds a rulemaking meeting to consider granting exemptions to the DMCA in an effort help prevent harm from being caused to legitimate  [Read More…]