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The Intel founder Steve Jobs said he’d be happy to work for dies at 79

In some sad news, Andy Grove, a.k.a. one of the founders and former CEOs of Intel, passed away yesterday at the age of 79. The Budapest-born Grove was a mentor to many people in Silicon Valley, including Steve Jobs, who once noted that he was one of the only people Jobs would willingly work for. […]

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Wikipedia’s founder thinks Apple should stop selling iPhones in the U.K.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has branded a new proposed law banning encrypted communications in the U.K. as “stupid,” and says that if it is passed, Apple should stop selling iPhones in the country out of principle. “I would like to see Apple refuse to sell iPhone in UK if government bans end-to-end encryption,” Wales posted […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Watch is ‘definitely lacking’ says Pebble founder

Becoming the most funded Kickstarter in history is certainly enough to boost confidence — and if you’re Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky it’s enough to get you to take some potshots at giant-sized rival, Apple. With Cupertino’s March 9 Apple Watch…Read more ›

MegaUpload founder brings video calling to your browser

The infamous brains behind MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom, has just launched the beta version of his latest product: a browser-based encrypted video calling and file-sharing service he hopes will take on the Microsoft-owned Skype. Called MegaChat, the service uses what is…Read more ›

Android founder quits Google to build robots

Andy Rubin, co-founder and former head of Android, has left Google to start up a hardware incubator dedicated to building robots. Rubin helped establish Android as the world’s most widely-used mobile operating system after it was bought by Google in…Read more ›

Founder of AnandTech retires from tech writing to work for Apple

If you love learning about the technical intricacies of your favorite gadgets, chances are you’ve heard of the website AnandTech. The founder of the 17-year-old site, Anand Lal Shimpi, has been a highly regarded tech reviewer for years. Over the…Read more ›

OpenFeint Founder Tells All About His New iPad Exclusive Game, Fates Forever


Jason Citron is a veteran of both the console and gaming space, involved with developing Double Fine’s Brutal Legend in 2006, and then releasing one of the first hit iOS games in the early, heady days of the iOS App store, a match-three puzzle game with a twist, Aurora Feint. Soon after, he created OpenFeint, which was the de facto leaderboard and multiplayer matching system for Apple mobile devices long before Game  [Read More…]

Xbox Founder Says Apple Could Easily Destroy Microsoft’s Xbox If It Wants


Even though Tim Cook and Apple say that the Apple TV is really just a hobby right now, people are scared of it. Intel’s launching a competing product later this year. Samsung’s rushing to get more content on their SmartTVs, and Microsoft and Sony are probably going to announce new consoles this year that will appeal to casual users.

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Jacob Goldman, Founder Of The Company That Inspired Steve Jobs, Dies At Age 90

Many have called Steve Jobs the father of modern computing, but some would argue that the true credit goes to Jacob Goldman, founder ofXerox PARC. Under Goldmans guidance, Xerox become responsible for the technology that inspired Steve Jobs to create computers like the Lisa. The New York Times is reporting thatJacob Goldman passed away this week at the age of 90. He was Xeroxschief scientist and founder of  [Read More…]

Project Gutenberg Founder Hart Dies Aged 64

Project Gutenberg Michael Hart, founder of free ebooks repository Project Gutenberg, died this week. He was 64.   Why mention this on Cult of Mac? Because I think we all owe him something. If you have ever downloaded an ebook of any sort, from any source, you have Hart to thank for his pioneering work in the field (as early as 1971, when he first typed the Declaration  [Read More…]