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Android Fragmentation In A Nutshell: iOS Devs Only Need To Support Four Screen Sizes, Samsung Alone Has 27

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 9.59.57 AM


Nuff said.

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iHome Ends The Bluetooth Speaker Drought With Four New Models


iHome iBT24


Yeah, that’s a bit of sarcasm up there in the hed; there’s obviously no lack of choice regarding Bluetooth speakers. This year’s CES exploded with Bluetooth, and it doesn’t seem a day goes by that a manufacturer doesn’t release another model.

iHome is more about, well, more; so instead of releasing one, they’ve released four.

Three of the colorful Bluetooth boxes are available now: The bare-bones, cube-like iBT16 ($  [Read More…]

Is CamFind Four Times More Accurate Than Google Goggles? [Kickstarter]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3VQkuu3uUM?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

That’s what CamFind‘s developers are claiming — that the app is at least four times more accurate than Google Goggles at recognizing and then searching for the subject of a photo you’ve taken with your iPhone.

If you’re unfamiliar with the two-year-old Google Goggles function (integrated within the Google Search app) the idea is pretty simple. Just snap a photo with your iPhone, and the app tries to recognize what you’ve taken a photo of. Once identified, you  [Read More…]

Nearly 7 Million iOS Devices Have Been Jailbroken By Evasion In The Last Four Days

Evasi0n Jailbreak iPhone 5

The evasion jailbreak took longer than any other iOS jailbreak to come out, but it appears that the wait was worth it for millions of iOS users.

After only four days of being available to the public, nearly 7 million iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch owners have bulldozed through Apple’s walled garden and jailbroken their devices so they can customize each and every facet of their experience.

Jay  [Read More…]

Apple Online Store Showing Up To Four Week Delays for 27-inch iMac, 10 Days for 21.5-inch Model

Not until February, it looks like.

Hoping to get your hands on a new 27-inch iMac model, with it’s delightfully thin flat panel display and Fusion Drive goodness? Well, if you order now, you’ll have to wait up to four weeks for it to ship, as seen at the Apple Store website.

It appears that Apple hasn’t been able to manage to overcome its supply constraints, which we reported back in  [Read More…]

Find My iPhone Wins Again As Stolen iPhone Leads Police To Four Armed Robbers

Dear Theives. We’ve been over this like a thousand times. If you’re going to steal an iPhone, make sure you either A) Reset it, or B) Turn it off. There’s a wonderful application called Find My iPhone that’s going to lead the cops to you everytime.

Four armed robbers in Springfield Massachusetts still haven’t learned this valuable bit of information. The robbers donned their masked and rushed into an Ambis convenience store with their guns and  [Read More…]

Text To 911 Coming By 2014, As Top Four Mobile Carriers Agree To Work Together On The Issue

Coming sooner than you might think.

The Big Four US mobile carriers–AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile–have just sent out a press release committing to push the issue of text to 911 capabilities, hopefully sooner than, but at least by, 2014.

These major players, plus The 911 Association and the Association for Public-Safety Communications Officials International, have decided to work together on standards and procedures to make this happen with a seamless transition  [Read More…]

Apple Shares Fall More Than Six Percent Today, Biggest Single Day Loss In Four Years

Apple shares took a tumble today, with a over six percent loss, making this the largest stock drop in a single day, making it the biggest one in four years. Analysts and other investors are blaming the sell-off and resulting stock price drop on many factors, including a recent forecast by an influential firm that Google’s Android operating system continues to gain ground, as well as unconfirmed reports that at least  [Read More…]

Philips Announces Four New Lightning Speaker Docks, Teases A Fifth

The new “Lifestyle Music System” from Philips

Philips has joined the likes of JBL by selling Lightning-compatible speaker docks for Apple’s latest iOS devices. Today Philips announced not one, but four new speaker docks with Lightning connectors. Each speaker set serves a different purpose, ranging from a nightstand dock with alarm to a portable speaker.

These speakers should start hitting retail channels this month, but Philips hasn’t given any pricing info yet.

  [Read More…]

IDC: Android To Maintain Strong Market Lead Over iOS During The Next Four Years

The International Data Corporation has published its most recent mobile market forecast and unsurprisingly, they’re predicting Android to maintain its strong market share lead over the next four years. In fact, there’s really not much surprising about the report at all.

The global mobile phone market will continue to grow, Android and iOS will continue to be the top two mobile operating systems, and Apple and Samsung will continue to  [Read More…]