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Humble Bundle For Android 3 Gains Four More Bonus Games [Deal Alert]

Remember that great Humble Bundle For Android 3 we told you about last week? Well, it just got better! Four new games have been added to the list of bonus games customers will get for paying over the average (which is currently $ 6.33). That’s a total of 9 games for just over $ 6! Plus you get to feel good about helping out the Child’s Play Charity (no affiliation with  [Read More…]

Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Vs. Samsung Trial [Day Four]

Keeping up with all the latest Apple vs Samsung happenings can be tough, and confusing. The trials is underway in San Jose California. Some days are filled with interesting witnesses taking the stand, while others are packed with lawyers hammering boring witnesses with silly questions.

To help you keep up on the Apple vs Samsung trial we’ve compiled the entire day’s events into one short news story that consists of the  [Read More…]

AT&T 4G LTE Now Available In Four New Markets

Four new cities were treated to some AT&T 4G LTE goodness today, while other experienced increased coverage. Every carrier, other than Verizon, appears to enjoy switching on four markets at a time. Still, those living in the following cities will now feel better about being included in the world of 4G LTE:

Miami, Fl. Fort Lauderdale, Fl. West Palm Beach, Fl. Worcester, Mass.

AT&T also announced expansions in the following areas:

  [Read More…]

Four Super Cool Things You Can Do With GarageBand for OS X [Feature]

GarageBand '11 OS X

GarageBand for OS X changed the way us mere mortals create great music on their Macs. Included with all new Macs or available in the Mac App store for $ 15, it gives musicians from the brand new to the seasoned veteran a way to record all kinds of music, connecting real instruments, MIDI devices, and microphones to your Mac for easy music sessions. It also does some  [Read More…]

Zynga Acquires Four Mobile Gaming Companies

The mobile social gaming giant that we all know about (whether we like it or not), Zynga, has made four more acquisitions in mobile gaming. Having already picked up a few iOS and mobile development companies in the past, this could be leading up to something big. This time around, the largest company acquired is a company from Germany named Gamedoctors, makers of the very popular ZombieSmash title. Along with Gamedoctors, Zynga has acquired Page44  [Read More…]

Kodak Sues Apple and HTC Over Four Digital Image Patents

Kodak has recently sued Apple on Tuesday over a patent pertaining to the sharing of digital pictures between varies electronic devices. The 132-year old company seeks the halt of infringing products plus compensatory and triple damages according to a report from Reuters. The claim accuses Apple of violating four digital photography patents that Kodak said it obtained after “concluding it would be desirable for people to easily share pictures” from digital cameras without having to  [Read More…]

Four Key Lessons to Apple’s Success, According to Apple VP Greg Joswiak

Apple Logo Greg Joswiak is a Vice President of Marketing at Apple who focuses on promoting the iOS lineup. After working at Apple for 20 years, he has come up with four lessons that can help explain Apple’s incredible success. Shared at a recent speech in Cambridge, they are quoted below from Wall Street Journal: Focus—”It means saying no, not saying yes. We do very few things at Apple. We are  [Read More…]

Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel Making iPad 2 a High Tech Fixture in All Rooms

Beginning October 3rd, the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills will look a lot more attractive than it already does – especially if you’re an Apple fan who thinks the iPad can – and should – be attached to every aspect of life. The Four Seasons will become the first hotel on the West Coast (and the first Four Seasons property, for that matter) to offer ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) from Intelity on  [Read More…]

This Beautiful New York Girl Has Four iPads For A Head [Video]

This video of the “iPad Head Girl” walking around New York City is a new viral marketing campaign from Hearst, the company behind the new Cosmo For Guys publication that launches today on the iPad. Her expensive headwear features four iPads that show her head from different angles. But the best thing about this pricey hat is that when you’ve finished looking at her face, you can read her like a book. (Or magazine.) Each device displays a video as  [Read More…]

BookBook Case Turns Your iPhone Into A Gorgeous Four Inch Folio

www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vN1yw67hyc TwelveSouth is famous for its selection of beautiful products that lovingly accompany our favorite Apple gadgets. Just recently we reviewed the elegant BookBook case for the MacBook Air, and now there’s an iPhone 4 case to match.   If you’ve already watched the video above, then the BookBook case for iPhone needs little introduction. It looks identical to the BookBook case for the MacBook Air, only miniature. It’s suave, stylish, and sophisticated; made from high quality leather which has  [Read More…]