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iPhone manufacturer Foxconn has signed a letter of intent promising to invest up to $ US1 billion in Indonesia. The $ 1 billion investment would be carried out in between three and five years, and will cover areas including R&D, electronics software… Read more ›     

Foxconn Electronics is to begin producing high-resolution OLED smartphone displays starting in 2015, according supply chain sources in Taiwan. The company has reportedly reached a deal with Taiwanese panel maker Innolux, which will undertake the production of the 4- and… Read more ›     

With the news of the 15-year-old worker dying at the Pegatron factory which makes the iPhone 5c, attention is once again turning to worker treatment at Apple’s suppliers/contract manufacturers. The news in this case is that Foxconn Technology Group —… Read more ›     

Foxconn Ramps Up iPhone 5s Production

Yesterday we told you that iPhone 5s finally had the supply it needed to match demand as we draw near to the holidays. Today we tell you why. Having had limited availability in its first weeks, it seems that Foxconn… Read more ›     

Apple and other tech companies have come under fire for taking all their manufacturing to China, but iPhone-maker Foxconn is looking to turn the tables a bit with its announcement that it plans to build a new $ 30 million high-tech… Read more ›     

Foxconn Factory To Stop Producing iPhone 5c

It has been reported that that Foxconn Electronics will stop production of the iPhone 5c at its Zhengzhou factory in northern China. This isn’t a sign that Apple is severing ties with Foxconn, however, as the workforce previously working on… Read more ›     

Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that assembles almost all of Apple’s most popular devices, has admitted that it has forced student interns to work illegal shift patterns. Thousands of students from the Xi’an Institute of Technology were made to work overtime and night shifts at the plant in violation of company policies. And if they refused to […]

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foxconn-iphone_large_verge_medium_landscapeThe iPhone 5c is supposed to be Apple’s breakthrough device for the Chinese market – though we’ve heard they’re crazy for gold – so to make the import process quicker and cheaper Apple plans to ship iPhones from supplier Foxconn’s factory directly to China. Apple has already been working with China’s customs authorities to set […]

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Apple-Taipei_JobOpeningsFollowing reports that it was looking to open a new research and development center in Taiwan, Apple is now going on a massive hiring binge in China for talented engineers, having recently put up openings for over 300 new employees in Taiwan on the professional social networking site LinkedIn. In addition to those jobs, Apple […]

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foxconn-denies-strike-reportRemember how just a few months ago, Foxconn profits were slumping because — as the anti-Apple brigade hysterically shrieked — the iPhone 5 was a dud, and the iPhone’s meteoric rise in popularity was finally done? Yeah, well, Foxconn just posted a 41 percent year-over-year increase in profit, driven by strong iPhone sales. During the [...]

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