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Indie favorite Shovel Knight is getting a new, free update based on a popular bad guy from the first release. Called Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows, the new expansion will include a whole new way to play in the Shovel Knight universe with new levels, music, art, and platforming. The villainous Plague Knight, master of […]

Apple has announced the line-up for its upcoming Apple Music Festival, previously known as the iTunes Festival — featuring performances from Apple favorite Pharrell Williams, One Direction, Florence + The Machine, and others. The concerts take place in London, in the U.K., over 10 days from September 19 to September 28. “We wanted to do […]

We like the Apple Watch a lot. I use it every day, and when I’m not wearing it, sometimes I find myself checking my wrist out of habit. But one company thinks that your arm looks like it’s suffocating. Or that the Apple Watch can be molded into a variety of other fashion accessories. Or […]

Spotify is planning to introduce a new “gated access” model that will make its free streaming plan a lot less attractive, according to a new report. Those who choose to opt out of paying for the service could see it become extremely limited, with access to just one or two songs from big album releases. […]

Want a free iPad Air 2? Yeah, we thought so. [Deals]

Apple’s iPad Air 2 represents the peak of sleek and powerful tablets, basically the only way to improve it would be to remove the price tag. Well, consider it improved: With just your email address, you’ll be entered to win a free iPad Air 2, and you even get to choose the color. Take a […]

Apple has launched its “Back to School” promotion for 2015, and this year’s is… kinda “meh” to be honest. Instead of the gift cards Apple offered in 2014 and 2013, this year students who buy a new Mac will be… Read more ›

Free Apple Watch beckons ‘lifestyle’ renters

If the granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and “breathtaking water views” don’t sell you on moving into East Beach Marina Apartments, maybe the offer of a free Apple Watch will. Just lease one and move in by the end of… Read more ›

Porn pays for your free cardboard VR headset

If you can’t bring yourself to pay for a virtual reality headset made of cardboard, then now’s your chance to bag one for free, courtesy of a popular porn portal. BaDoink advertises the many safe-for-work things you can do with the device, knowing full… Read more ›

Along with computers that can do almost anything comes an endless parade of possible distractions. It’s easy to space out behind the spacebar, but with a Time Doctor 1-Year Subscription you can regain control of your attention-span, for free. Time… Read more ›

Apple gives Greece one month of iCloud for free

European leaders have finally agreed to a bailout plan with Greece this morning. The country’s financial crisis at one point capped how much cash citizens could withdraw daily, so Apple has decided to help its customers out by providing one… Read more ›