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Free Chat App Messaging Has Officially Overtaken Costly SMS In Popularity


Carriers have made a killing over the last decade by charging customers absurd rates on SMS texting plans, but the times are quickly changing.

To avoid SMS fees, smartphone users have embraced free chat app messaging via apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Kik. As a result, SMS is starting to die a slow, and hopefully painful death, because free app messaging has officially overtake SMS as the most popular way to  [Read More…]

Newest Ticket to Ride Pocket Game Goes Free This Weekend [Daily Freebie]


If you haven’t played Ticket to Ride yet, all you need to know is that the iPad version is the most addictive board game I’ve played on the device. On the iPhone? Nothing even comes close (O.K., except maybe chess and Words with Friends).

This weekend the newest version of the game to hit the iPhone, Ticket to Ride Europe Pocket, goes from $ 2 to free. Don’t miss out on  [Read More…]

Apple’s Giving Out 150 Free WWDC Tickets To Students Who Can Make Kick-Ass Apps


WWDC is the best place in the world to go and learn how to become a better iOS or OS X programmer. Only problem is it’s really freaking expensive, and it’s hard as hell to buy tickets before the thing sells out.

To help students out with the $ 1599 price tag for one ticket to WWDC, Apple announced that it will award 150 WWDC 2013 Student Scholarships. All you have  [Read More…]

Flowboard App Will Be The Most Important Free App You Download This Month [Daily Feebie]



That statement up there in the headline, that Flowboard will be “the most important free app you download this month” — that’s kind of a bold thing to say.

But it’s not hyperbole; Flowboard’s publishing tools are super-easy to use, letting you easily create electronic portfolios and presentations — heck, even magazines and eBooks — and the finished products, published on Flowboard’s site, are just as easy to share and  [Read More…]

Just Like The iPhone Version, FX Photo Studio HD for for iPad Goes Free Too [Daily Freebie]


Photo: Eli Milchman


Last week saw popular photo-editing iPhone app FX Photo Studio go free for a day. MacPhun, the app’s developer, then extended that free day indefinitely — a result, they say, of the app’s overwhelming popularity as it’s blown through a million new downloads since going free.

Now the developer’s doing the same thing with the even-more-fantastic iPad version of the app, FX Photo Studio HD. Only this time,  [Read More…]

Bazzillion-Filter FX Photo Studio for iPhone Free Today Only [Daily Freebie]



There’re few photo apps better than MacPhun’s FX Photo Studio for the casual photographer. It’s got a pretty interface, it’s super-simple to use and it’s stuffed with way more filters than any other iPhone app at the App Store (pretty sure this is true; if you think you know of one with more filters, let me know). Normally the app is $ 2, but today it’s free.

There’s no watered-down, pay-to-play  [Read More…]

Free Project Collaboration App Moxtra Now Collaborates With Evernote and Salesforce



Moxtra is a great, free app that allows groups of users to collaborate using files — video clips, images, PDFs — that they’ve stored in virtual notebooks; some collaboration can even be conducted in realtime.

Back in January, when Moxtra launched, I described the app as a sort of Evernote-Pinterest blend. Now there’s even more blending with the former, because Evernote has added Moxtra integration.

The new features lets Evernote  [Read More…]

Funny Or Die’s ‘iSteve’ Movie Now Available For Free Online

Justin Long Steve Jobs

You’ll have to think pretty different to enjoy this movie.

The time has come. Funny or Die’s Steve Jobs mockumentary featuring Justin Long has arrived. iSteve is available for streaming in non-Apple-friendly-Flash on Funny or Die’s website. The “biopic” lasts about 80 minutes.

Warning: It is not as hilarious as we thought it might be. In fact, it’s pretty bad. It’s also historically inaccurate in many, many ways. I  [Read More…]

Adobe Releases Free Beta Of Lightroom 5


Adobe has released a public beta of Lightroom 5, the next major version of its photo editing and management application. The download is free for anyone to use until June 30th. Adobe says Lightroom 5 will ship later this year.

“With this release, our goal was to add some highly-desired features that allow photographers to quickly process and enhance their images,” according to Adobe. “We’ve added more robust healing options, the ability to create  [Read More…]

SimCity Coming To Mac On June 11, Those Who Bought It On PC Get It Free


EA and Maxis have today announced that their latest SimCity game is coming to the Mac on June 11, and pre-purchasing will begin tomorrow, April 11. The title will be available to download through Origin for Mac — which launched earlier this year — and those who have already bought the title on PC will get the Mac version for free.

“Good news, Mac Mayors – today we can officially confirm the release  [Read More…]