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Hubbl Cuts Through The Clutter To Find Apps You’ll Want [Daily Freebie]

With all the junk floating out there at the Apple App Store and Google Play (Android users, you get the nastier end of the shaft in this case), it’s no wonder good apps can often go undiscovered and neglected, withering pitifully under a heap of flashy debris.

One way to find diamond-in-the-rough apps — or apps that actually do what you want them to — is to regularly read blogs like  [Read More…]

HoursTracker for iPhone Goes Free Today [Daily Freebie]

Sometimes, discovering a free app is like finding gold; other times, it’s more like finding a rock covered in gold paint. Case in point: While we really dig the free version of HoursTracker HD for iPad, the freebie of the iPhone version is severely hobbled — and not nearly as useful.

But just for today, the superb full version of the HoursTracker iPhone app is free.

The app is a real  [Read More…]

Make and Share a Cute Mini Photo Magazine in a Minute with Beamr [Daily Freebie]

Beamr is one of those mouth-watering iPhone apps that wows not so much because of what it is, but because of what it could be.

The basic idea is very cool: Delve into your photo library, select a handful of photos and choose a cover shot. The app will then superimpose some text and graphics over the cover (you can change the cover text).

But the real magic happens when you  [Read More…]

Get The Best Thing Bill Gates Ever Made For Free [Daily Freebie]

Ah, the ’80s — back when a Tab was something to drink, not deride, and Members Only wasn’t exactly an exclusive club. Reliving (or living, for those born after 1979) those days is as easy as tracking down a six-pack of Tab on the Internet, or purchasing this purple number.

Those who’d rather not deal with their friends’ hysterical laughter or horribly wilted taste buds can simply download a faithful recreation  [Read More…]

Learn The Secrets Of Making Great Looking iOS Apps [Freebie]

Today’s deal—Learn to Create Successful iPhone Apps Freebie: Design Quality Apps with this Free E-course—pairs extremely well with yesterday’s deal—Now Is Your Chance To Learn Xcode To Make iOS Apps—since while you’re learning Xcode to make your app, it’s probably a great idea to make sure it looks good too.

Honestly, it wasn’t until I watched the video for this freebie did I “get” what it’s all about.

The premise  [Read More…]

ColorStrokes: Create Amazing Effects With Your Photos! [Freebie]

This is a truly easy freebie. ColorStrokes (formerly ColorSplash) is doing a bit push for its new version. So as a nice little bonus, you can get this awesome app for free right now. I have this app myself (and for iOS) and love to play with it. I think I actually take pictures with the sole intent to use ColorStrokes on them. So, just do something cool for yourself, grab this freebie,  [Read More…]

Mess With Your Friends: Vlock is an Android-Like Clock on Your iPhone 5 (Plays Background Videos Too) [Daily Freebie]

Just retooled for the iPhone 5, Vlock is a free app that displays a bold Android-ish clock, with date, on your iPhone. It’ll also let you play videos through the clock in a kind of video version of the iPad’s Picture Frame mode, complete with loop and transitions. Combine this with the app’s lockscreen feature, and you’ve got a faux animated Android-y lockscreen. All without a jailbreak.

I think the clock looks  [Read More…]

Entrepreneur’s Guide To Customer Development eBook [$25 Freebie]

While I’ve been involved in a lot of start ups, I’ve never started one of my own. Frankly, I don’t think I’m really the entrepreneur type. Which is okay, because not everyone can (or should) be. That said, I do believe there is a lot to learn from the entrepreneur mindset and process.

One of the key parts to all businesses are gaining and understanding your customers. This, however, is something  [Read More…]

Learn How To Record A Sound in GarageBand! [Freebie]

How well do you know GarageBand? Heck have you even launched GarageBand? How about a little freebie to get you started?—Become a Rocker With GarageBand : Learn How to Make a Song in 1 Hour For Free

Really, what is there to lose? Let your inner rock star out…

I’ve tried a few of the virtual instruments on GarageBand, and now I remember why I stopped piano at 13. Of  [Read More…]

Is AOL’s ‘Clucks’ The Next Big Social Media Craze? [Daily Freebie]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=445DW89GO2c?fs=1&feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

I’ve never actually played Taboo (which is apparently massively popular; shows you just how much I get out); so when Clucks‘ PR guy referred to this new game as “video Taboo for iPhone,” my reaction was: Huh? So I looked up the game on Wikipedia (and finally realized that I had, indeed, heard of Taboo before), and it turns out that’s a perfect description for Clucks. But he might have called it “the next big social media craze  [Read More…]