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Rdio for iOS, Mac and Web goes freemium

Forget Spotify, Pandora and Beats Music. I’ve tried them all, and for my money, Rdio is the best streaming music subscription service out there. It has the best app design and, for my tastes, the best music selection. But you…Read more ›

Apple being investigated over misleading ‘freemium’ apps

If you’re an iOS gamer, chances are you’re fed up of games loaded to the gunwales with in-app purchases. The so-called “freemium” trend for games is annoying for two main reasons: One, in many cases it makes games virtually unplayable…Read more ›

Watch This Lego Robot Play Freemium Games On An iPad [Video]

Ever think that the majority of freemium iOS games are basically mindless tap-fears, with demands only for cold hard cash, and none for meaningful strategy? Take Jurassic Park Builder, for instance: a game I reviewed back in January, and was…Read more ›

Hate Freemium iOS Games? Too Bad… Here’s Why They Aren’t Going Away

Hate freemium or ad-supported games? Tough noogies. A new study by Wild Tangent in collaboration with IHS Technology queried 500 iOS users about what games they prefer? The not-so-shocking conclusion? 70% of all respondents preferred free gamers supported by advertising,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Twitterrific Goes Freemium In The App Store

Twitterrific, the oldest Twitter client in existence, changed its business model today in the App Store. Instead of charging $ 3 to download, Twitterrific 5 is now free and ad supported. “Today marks a new era for our venerable Twitter client,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

After Apple Design Award, Finish To-Do App Goes Freemium

Teenage developer Ryan Orbuch already has an Apple Design Award under his belt thanks to Finish, his popular to-do app that’s billed as an anti-procrastination tool. Today Finish is going free in the App Store for good, but there’s a catch.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Now Labeling Freemium Apps With In-App Purchases In The App Store

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 4.16.13 PM

Apple has quietly added a new labeling system to the App Store that shows which apps have in-app purchases. You can only see whether an app or game has in-app purchases on the desktop version of iTunes, but the feature will presumably be rolled out to the App Store on iOS devices soon.

Coincidentally, Apple recently settled a lawsuit with some parents over in-app purchases. Kids  [Read More…]

The Daily Show Hilariously Skewers Predatory Freemium Game Makers [Humor]

Here at Cult of Mac, weve got our own axe-to-grind against freemium App Store games that try to get kids to max out their daddys credit cards with expensive in-app purchases, so its nice to see The Daily Show take freemium game makers to town in an absolutely hilarious, spot-on segment that shows how scummy these waters of the App Store can really be.   The report is by Daily Show correspondent Aasiv Mandvi, who reports primarily on a game  [Read More…]