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Adjust Whether a Mac Restarts Automatically on System Freeze

Modern Macs with new versions of Mac OS (or Mac OS X) default to automatically reboot themselves upon a system freeze. This is a troubleshooting feature that aims to prevent average users from having to initiate a forced restart, since the Mac would simply restart itself if a system freeze were to occur. While most … Read More

This Stupid Mac Bug Lets You Freeze a Window Askew While Remaining Functional

Skewed window bug in Mac OS X

A quirky bug in Mac OS X lets you freeze any window half-way through the minimize animation, providing for a completely askew window that retains the intended functionality. Obviously this isn’t particularly useful, but it can be fun to use and it’s very easy to replicate, here’s how to do it:

Head to System Preferences and go to the “Dock” settings, and make sure “Genie  [Read More…]

Did Foxconn Freeze Hiring New Workers Because Apple Made Them Treat Existing Workers Better?

Foxconn may be hiring less workers because existing workers are more willing to stay on.

Foxconn may be hiring less workers because existing workers are more willing to stay on.

Apple stock plummeted recently after a rumor went around that Foxconn had instituted a hiring freeze based upon a slowdown in iPhone 5 production. Foxconn quickly and emphatically deniedthat the freeze had anything to do with the iPhone 5… but what was  [Read More…]

Developers Rush to Submit Apps Before App Store Freeze

The holiday season is in full swing and all the festivities are around the corner. Apple is about to shut down the developer�s side of the App Store for its annual freeze and the�New York Times�has some provided some info about the shutdown this year. It will begin starting this Thursday and run for a week and a day after that. During this time period, Apps will still be for sale but developers won�t be able  [Read More…]