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Troubleshoot Safari Freezes & Crashing in OS X Yosemite

Some Mac users have discovered the Safari web browser has become significantly less stable after updating to OS X Yosemite. This can range from periodic crashes of Safari that never happened before, to Safari freezing up entirely, to Safari outright refusing to open as it crashes immediately upon launch. Troubleshooting app crashes can be frustrating, … Read More

Hell Freezes Over: A Cool Fanny Pack Exists, And It Holds An iPad Mini

This is the Gallery Waist Pack. It’s the answer to the question “What if we made a fanny pack for the iPad?” That’s not quite as simple as it would seem. After all, the fanny pack is the preferred bag…Read more ›

Beats Music Freezes New Sign Ups While It Struggles To Scale

Beats Music launched yesterday as a Spotify/Rdio alternative, and the new music service is already having scaling issues. Due to an “extremely high volume of interest,” Beats Music has stopped adding new users until it can support the unexpected demand.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Hell Freezes Over, Intel Starts Making ARM Chips

Intel has been rumored for years to start building ARM chips. Now they actually are doing so, and will begin fabrication of 64-bit ARM processors in 2014, but not for Apple. According to Reuters, the x86-making fabrication giant will start…Read more ›

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iPad or iPhone Freezes Up? Frozen on the Spinning Wheel? 3 Ways to Fix iOS Crashes

Spinning wheel in iOS The iPad and iPhone don’t freeze or crash often, but when they do it can be an epic freeze-up, where the device can either get stuck in an app or, worse, it gets frozen on the dreaded iOS “spinning wheel of death”, the little wait cursor that never goes away. Left on it’s own in that state, that spinning wheel can quite literally spin forever until the  [Read More…]

Fix Archive Utility When It Stops Working, Crashes, or Freezes in Mac OS X

Archive Utility is the little system app that launches anytime an archive needs to be dealt with by OS X, usually it launches itself, extracts a zip, sit, tar, gz, or whatever other archive file, then quits on it’s own. Lately there’s been widespread reports of weird problems with Archive Utility though, where a zip or any other archive file will not decompress, instead the Archive Utility app will just stop working completely, spinning itself into oblivion before freezing or  [Read More…]

Apple Freezes All Phone Requests To Change AppleID Passwords

Use this, instead of a phone call, to reset your password for now.

Yesterday, we reported on Apple’s response to Mat Honan’s “epic” AppleID, Amazon, and Twitter account hack. Basically, the company released a statement to Wired saying that the company would investigate the issue fully, as well as noting that its “own internal policies were not followed completely.”

Today, according to Wired, Apple ordered support staff to stop processing AppleID password  [Read More…]

Hell Freezes Over, Apple Admits Locationgate Went Too Far (Kind of)

Click the image to open in full size. Apple issued a formal response to the Locationgate/iMhere/iGiveupNamingThisThing scandal this morning, admitting the storing of the location cache went too far and the "bug" will be fixed in an upcoming software update. Well it wasn’t an outright admission. Quote: The reason the iPhone stores so much data is a bug we uncovered and plan to fix shortly (see Software Update section below). We don’t think  [Read More…]