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Secret hardware upgrades make the iPad Air 2 the fastest frickin’ tablet on the planet

The iPad Air 2 is starting to hit doorsteps for preorders today, and already, the benchmarks are blowing us away, with an early Geekmark score showing that the iPar Air 2 is the fastest, most powerful tablet out there. Period.…Read more ›

Will frickin’ lasers help the LG G3 fend off new competition from Apple?

Thanks to its impressive laser autofocus camera, Quad HD display, and improved design, the LG G3 has become one of this year’s hottest smartphones. But can those things help it fend off new competition from Cupertino? Apple today announced its new…Read more ›

The best idea in the frickin’ universe is now a reality: Trapper Keeper iPad cases

Back in January, a Seattle-based Etsy seller started mocking up iPad cases designed to look like Trapper Keepers, Mead’s line of brightly colored, wonderfully designed 80′s folders and binders for students. We promptly declared it

TopoCharger iPhone Case Stores Maps On External Frickin’ Cards

The TopoCharger is an odd little device, but it could be useful for some. It’s an iPhone GPS case. What? Yes. A GPS-less GPS that comes with on-board storage for maps, and a big fat battery pack so you can…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Stop Worrying About Scratching Your iPhone 5 And Engrave It With Frickin’ Lasers Instead

How cool does this laser-engraved iPhone 5 look? Image via Gizmodo.

One of the things I miss most about the design of the iPhone 4S is the ability to easily change the back of my iPhone to something different, like a non-standard color, or even teak.

You simply can’t do that with the iPhone 5, but Gizmodo just pointed out an even better idea: you can laser engrave the back of your  [Read More…]