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What Snapchat’s confusing new friend emojis mean

Snapchat used to have a “Best Friends” list that showed you who each of your friends snapped with the most. It was a little weird, slightly stalkerish part of the app that was removed last year. Now Snapchat has brought… Read more ›

How Siri became a 10-year-old autistic boy’s best friend

In Spike Jonze’s film, Her, Joaquin Phoenix plays a man who falls in love with a Siri-like “digital assistant,” played by Scarlett Johansson. But falling in love with Siri doesn’t just happen in the movies. In the New York Times,… Read more ›

You can’t play this game alone – find a friend and conquer Together: Amna & Saif

SEATTLE, Washington – Together: Amna & Saif puts you and another player on the same screen, controlling a mother and son duo of characters to solve various environmental puzzles. It’s a “couch co-op adventure puzzle game” that requires you to… Read more ›

Lyft Is Your Friend With A Car [Deals]

Forged in the fires of Silicon Valley and backed by venture capital power players comes Lyft® – a service revolutionizing public transport. You request a ride through the free iOS or Android app, then watch on a real-time map as… Read more ›

Bheestie Bag Is A Wet iPhone’s Best Friend [CES 2014]

      LAS VEGAS – Dropping your iPhone in a pool of water can be a traumatic experience. Especially if you don’t have AppleCare+. Sure, there are a bunch of home remedy methods you can try to dry it… Read more ›     

Why You’ll Soon Have An Invisible Friend

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 2.16.00 PMJust because you talk out loud while you’re alone and hear voices in your head doesn’t mean you’re crazy. And just because it’s Google Now you’re conversing with doesn’t mean you’re not crazy. Crazy or not, we’re all going to have an invisible friend in the form of an everywhere, always-listening, always present Google Now. […]

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Make Beautiful Music With A Friend Using This Free iPad Piano App, Duette

Seriously, you’re not those guys.

Want to make like Elton John and Billy Joel, dueling across from each other on two pianos, playing the hits from both of your huge ouvre of pop tunes? Well, except for the whole you’re-not-either-one-of-those-guys part, you can play two piano-like keyboards across from another friend on your iPad, with new free app, Duette.

Duette for iPad has two keyboards facing each other across the iPad, letting  [Read More…]

Why Google is a Better Apple Friend than Enemy

A casual observer might be forgiven for thinking that to Apple, Google is Enemy #1. Apple�s most profitable (and therefore important) businesses center on the iPhone and iPad. The most serious competitors in both these product categories run on Google�s Android platform. The belief that Google is the enemy makes intuitive sense on two counts. First, when you, the gadget-happy user, chooses a device, you may consider an iPhone or an  [Read More…]