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Cards App is Live in the App Store, Send Beautiful Cards to Your Friends

Apple released Cards for the iPhone and iPod touch in the App Store today. Scott Forstall introduced Cards at Apple�s �Let�s Talk iPhone� event last week.

Cards lets you create and send beautiful greeting cards to friends from your iPhone on iOS 5. Once you design your card in-app, you can pay to have Apple ship it anywhere in the world.

�The new Cards  [Read More…]

Apple Launches Find My Friends Ahead of iOS 5 Release, But You Wont Find It In the App Store [Gallery]

Alongside the unveiling of its iPhone 4S at an event in Cupertino on October 4, Apple announced a brand new service called Find My Friends. Similar to Find My iPhone, Find My Friends allows you to see where you friends are based on the GPS location of their iOS device. Ahead of the launch of iOS 5 later today, Apple has made the Find My Friends application available, but you won�t find  [Read More…]

Apple Announces “Find My Friends” App – Keep Track of Family and Friends

During Apple�s �Let�s Talk iPhone� event at Cupertino, Apple SVP of iOS software, Scott Forstall unveiled a new feature that may seem very familiar to some: �Find My Friends�, a map-based app that will let you see where your friends and family members are, provided they have turned the location sharing feature on. Once you start the app � each of the friends with this feature on will be indicated by a purplish orb, which could  [Read More…]

Your Friends Can Now Facebook You Through Skype For Mac

As part of their much ballyhooed deal with Facebook from a couple of months back, Skype has just rolled out a new version of their worse-by-the-point-release VoIP client for Mac� and what do you know, the new v5.4 beta brings Facebook support to the mix!

Depending on exactly how entangled you are in Zuckerberg�s viscous social afterbirth, that might be appealing to you. But less appealing, no doubt? Ads!


Yup,  [Read More…]

I made some of the best friends of my life at Apple, Steve says


Apple has posted Steve Jobs� resignation letter (and no, apparently there�s not an app for that). Like you�d expect, it�s short and sweet. Full text below.


August 24, 2011 Letter from Steve Jobs

To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community:

I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple�s CEO, I would  [Read More…]

TinyChat FB, Video Chat With Up To 12 Friends simultaneously

TinyChat FB, A new app that has been released for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad� recently is quite handy. The app allows you to video chat with 12 Facebook friends at the same time.

tinychat fb

TinyChat FB is web-based service, So it doesn�t require the end user to have the app. So when  [Read More…]

A Girl Made Tatto On Her Arm For 152 Of Her Friends On Facebook [Video]

A woman from the Netherlands got profile photos of all her 152 Facebook friends tattooed on her right arm. She filmed herself getting the tattoo by a Dutch tattoo artist which covers her entire right arm, and she posted the video of it on YouTube.

She said

�After months of work I want to show you all my social tattoo. Pretty amazing right? I�m really proud of it. Hope you like it too.

The tattoo was  [Read More…]

You May Be Missing Some Updates From Friends In Your Facebook News Feed. Heres How To Fix It

If you’re a big Facebook user, chances are you’ve run into the odd occasion when you’ve posted an update that apparently nobody saw. It’s like you’ve been cut off from your friends, and while they thought you’d fallen off the face of the planet you’d actually been waxing lyrical with nobody to read it. If it’s happened to you, BookMarketingMaven knows how to fix it.

The problem lies with the  [Read More…]

This Cydia Tweak Shares What You Are Listening To On iPod App In iPhone, iPad, iPod touch With Your Friends On Facebook

Part of the world’s love of music is sharing new tracks and albums with friends, bringing new musical discoveries along with it. With our always-connected lives and always-on devices sharing musical tastes is easier than ever, and with a new jailbreak tweak you can let your Facebook friends in on your latest favorite track.

Called NowPlaying and developed by Moseth, this tweak is available via the BigBoss repository in Cydia,  [Read More…]

Facebook for iPhone Updated To Version 3.4.1, Adds Ability To Find Your Friends, And More

One of the most popular and widely used app on iPhone, Facebook, has just received a minor update. The new version 3.4.1 of Facebook for iPhone adds the ability to find you friends, add your phone to your profile, and more.

Facebook 3.4.1 for iPhone

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