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Apple surpassed analysts’ expectations with $ 42.1 billion in revenue in the back-to-school season, buoyed by unprecedented iPhone sales and surprisingly strong demand for Macs. While breaking down the Q4 2014 numbers during today’s earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook and… Read more ›

OS X Yosemite has changed the way your Mac deals with your privacy. On the one hand, Apple has decided to enable hard drive encryption by default, despite the FBI requests not to. On the other hand, every time you… Read more ›

The 12 biggest takeaways from Apple’s iPad event

It’s been way too long, joked Apple, since any groundbreaking announcements like the Apple Watch and iPhone 6 Plus. While the product refreshes announced at today’s iPad-centric event aren’t as high on “wow” as the revelations during last month’s big… Read more ›

What to expect from tomorrow’s Apple event

Until September, 2014 was a pretty quiet year for new Apple products. But the drought is over. After announcing new iPhones and the Apple Watch last month, another media event is being held October 16th at Apple’s Town Hall auditorium on its… Read more ›

When The Magazine ceases publication this December, owner Glenn Fleishman will be closing shop on an ambitious two-year experiment in digital publishing. It’s not a total surprise — subscriptions were already on a downward trend when Fleishman transitioned from editor… Read more ›

Have you noticed that after you watch a video message sent to your iPhone or iPad in Messages app, it disappears automatically soon after? It’ll be completely gone from the Messages app and the media overview for the given message thread. That auto-delete video messages feature is new to iOS 8 and is enabled by … Read More

The app switcher in iOS, accessed by double-clicking on the Home button of an iPhone or iPad, is where you can quickly switch between running apps or quit out of apps you no longer want to be open. But with iOS 8, Apple decided to fill in the unused space above the open app cards … Read More

GoPro has become the camera-of-choice for adventurers to document their wild and crazy stunts, and now all the action-packed drama captured by your GoPro can be broadcast live, so all your buddies can watch along as you soar over mountains… Read more ›

The iPad revolutionized the way we read books, surf the web, and use apps. As great as the iPad is, it can also be difficult to multitask with one, not to mention the hand and neck strain from holding your… Read more ›