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Celebrate Ghostbusters‘ 30th birthday with ghoulish Fruit Ninja update

It’s not just the Macintosh which turned 30 this year. Another beloved franchise many of us were introduced to as kids, Ghostbusters, also ushers in its fourth decade with… an update to Halfbrick’s fructose-slicing iOS game Fruit Ninja? That’s right,…Read more ›

Ledr is sort of a leather fruit roll up to hold your longish, smallish equipment

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly shuffling around town (or around the country) with bits. No, not those bits; you know the ones I’m talking about: pens, cables, more pens, headphones, USB sticks, pocket knives and pens. They get…Read more ›

Polish Apple reseller made his store out of fruit stand materials

Apple stores around the world are considered shining examples of exquisite design in the cutting-edge world of retail. Steve Jobs was famously picky about every detail that went into the stores, all the way down to the type of wood grain used for…Read more ›

RIM Shamelessly Copies Apple, Renames The Company After A Fruit

Apple and BlackBerry take it to the street.

Apple and BlackBerry take it to the street.

The headline pretty much says it all: beleaguered smartphone maker Research In Motion has rebranded itself as BlackBerry, naming the company after it’s most popular product.

So now we have two fruit companies making smartphones: Apple and BlackBerry. And just like in the grocery aisle, one is going to sell by the droves, while the other  [Read More…]

You Can Now Play Fruit Ninja On A Sheet Of Water Vapor And It’s Awesome [Video]


Fruit Ninja is one of the all-time greatest games from iOS. What’s not to like? You get to pretend that you’re a samurai in training who slices and dices his way through waterfalls of falling fruit. It’s simple and addictive.

Now there’s a new fancy device that will actually let you play Fruit Ninja in the real world. Well, almost the real world. At CES a Russian company named Displair was showing off  [Read More…]

Fruit Ninja, Age Of Zombies & More Go Free As Halfbrick Slashes Prices For Just 24 Hours [Deals]

Free for 24 hours only.

Australian iOS developer Halfbrick has made all of its iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch games free for just 24 hours. That means you can now pick up popular titles like Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies, and Monster Dash without paying a penny. Check out the full list of titles below.

Here’s Halfbrick’s entire catalog — now free:

Age of Zombies Age of Zombies Anniversary Blast Off Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja HD  [Read More…]