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AdBlocker, Fullscreen for Safari, Firewall IP, and ScreenDimmer Updated for iOS 5

On the heels of iOS 5 publicly releasing today, BigBoss (@BigBoss) posted on his website saying that the applications below have been updated to support iOS 5: AdBlocker Fullscreen for Safari Firewall IP ScreenDimmer The developer of these tweaks, Yllier (@_Yllier_), is mentioned by BigBoss to have updated most of his tweaks to be iOS 5 compatible. The article made note for users that are on the iPad and possibly updating to iOS 5: Originally Posted by BigBoss;: A  [Read More…]

How Can I Open All Safari Links in Fullscreen Mode? [Ask MacRx]

Mac Mini and Safari When you are running a Mac as a kiosk or to run a demo, it can be helpful to block out all elements of the user interface. This user from Norway can’t figure out how to force Safari in Lion to always open links in true fullscreen mode: We are a group of mac users that can not figure out why or how  [Read More…]

Google Chrome Updated With Lion’s Full-Screen Mode and Animations

Google has updated Google Chrome for Mac with support for features in OS X Lion, like full-screen mode and disappearing scrollbars. This specific release has been available to members of the browser’s developer channel since August, but Google has just now released it as a stable upgrade for everyone. The new build of Google Chrome is available in the “About Google Chrome” menu option. Google will prompt you to install the update and  [Read More…]

Adjust Displayed Web Page Width In Full-Screen Safari [OS X Tips]

The full-screen feature supported by some applications running on Mac OS X Lion is a welcome addition to OS X. Especially since it allows you to focus on what you are doing inside of that particular application without any distractions. However, sometimes it doesn’t work very well when you are using Safari and its Reader option. The primary reason for this might be the width of the display you are  [Read More…]

How To Set Up A Universal Full-Screen Keyboard Shortcut in Lion

The new full-screen support in OS X Lion is a dream come true for lifehackers looking to squeeze more productivity out of their apps, but one problem for keyboard users is that there’s just no standardized shortcut. That seems like something of an oversight on Apple’s part, but luckily, there’s an easy to way assign your own universal full-screen shortcut for every app on your  [Read More…]

Apple Updates iWork ’09 for Lion: Full-Screen Support, Auto Save, More

Just as expected, Apple has issued an update to its iWork productivity suite to introduce a number of new features included in OS X Lion, including full-screen capability, resume, auto save, and more.   This is update 6 (version 9.1) and is available now via the Mac App Store, or Software Update, depending on how you purchased your software. All three applications — that’s Pages, Keynote and Numbers — now have  [Read More…]

Get Ready for 64-Bit iTunes with Full-Screen Support [Update: Now Available]

Swupdate 110720 1 Update: Apple has now released iTunes 10.4 which can be downloaded now via Software Update, of from Apple’s website. Following the release of OS X Lion earlier today, Apple is set to drop an update to iTunes which will be 64-bit and will boast full-screen support.   “People familiar with the matter” have passed on a screenshot of Software Update to AppleInsider, which includes iTunes 10.4 sporting the build number “1010A59,”  [Read More…]