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Expand the functionality of your Mac and mobile with these three apps [Deals]

Your tech has a lot of hidden potential, and sometimes unlocking it is just about getting the right app. We’ve gathered three potent productivity-enhancing applications that’ll enhance the way you talk to your computer, capture what’s on its screen, and play videos of any kind on your mobile device. Here, take a look: Dragon 5 […]

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Ford adds Siri Eyes Free functionality to 5 million of its cars

The Apple Car may be a few years off, but a new deal signed between Ford and Apple is bringing Siri to 5 million more cars. According to a new report, a software update available today means that any Ford owners who bought a Ford car with SYNC functionality after 2011 can take advantage of […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple forces GoodReader to pull some iCloud Drive functionality from app

GoodReader is a popular document reader app that can view or read pretty much every type of document under the sun. The latest update to the app makes it more powerful than ever, introducing a new Speak feature that can…

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Report: iOS 8 will be ‘Made for iHome,’ offer universal remote functionality for smart devices

For many of us, our iPhones are already the most-used remote controls in our entire house. But come June’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple’s ready to make that official. A new report says the company is planning a platform that would…

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Bypass iPhoto’s Built-In Email Functionality And Use Mail App Again [OS X Tips]

iPhoto Email

Used to be that when you shared photos from iPhoto via email, iPhoto would open up Mail app, drop the photos in as attachments, and let you send from there. Nowadays, iPhoto uses an internal email routine that mimics the iOS way of adding photos to email, but many folks just plain don’t like it. If you fall into this camp, and want to disable this iPhoto “functionality,” this tip is  [Read More…]

iCloud.com No Longer Beta, Functionality Matches Mountain Lion Apps

Looks like iCloud.com, Apple’s website for its cloud-based computing service, is no longer a beta. In addition to adding the Reminders and Notes apps that sync with iCloud to your iPhone and iPad, iCloud.com has made some improvements to the Find my iPhone app and added VIP mail to the Mail app.

Find My iPhone shows support for an upcoming iOS 6 feature called Lost Mode, which lets you send a number  [Read More…]

Return Safari 6 Delete Key Functionality to Go Back a Page

Return Safari 6 delete key behavior to go back a page

Safari 6 changed the longstanding behavior of the Delete key, which used to navigate back a page when pressed but now does nothing. Instead, navigating web pages forward and backward is done through Command [ and Command ]. If you’d like to return the back-a-page navigation behavior to the Delete key within Safari, you can do so with a defaults write command.  [Read More…]

Will Dropboxs New Security Measures Kill Or Limit Functionality In iOS Apps?

Responding to a security breach, Dropbox plans new security tools, but they might be too burdensome for iPhone and iPad users.

In the aftermath of a data breach that it announced this week, Dropbox says that it will begin implementing new security measures. Those measures include new automated techniques for spotting suspicious behavior, a page where you can examine all active logins to your account, password update requirements, and two-factor authentication.

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iOS Facebook App Gets New Read Later Functionality

Facebook has just introduced a new feature for their official Facebook for iPhone and iPad app that gives users Instapaper-like abilities to save posts shared on Facebook to read later. Now you too can collect your friends’ most embarrassing social network blunders in a favorites folder for posterity! Oh, and links you want to read later too, of course.

The feature — which is available on both Facebook.com and Facebook’s mobile apps  [Read More…]

Nuance Announces Siri-like Functionality for Cars with Dragon Drive

If you are one of the many that find Siri to be useful and enjoyable to use, then you will probably be happy to hear that the one of the companies behind Siri, Nuance, has announced a similar type of functionality that should be coming to cars soon. The new service named Dragon Drive, replicates the power of Siri so that drivers can initiate a conversation to perform tasks in the car instead of having to  [Read More…]