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Bluetooth iPhone grip goes further than any selfie stick can

Trying to hold your iPhone like you once did a camera can feel awkward. It’s not designed to fit the hands the same way. A selfie stick can free your hands, but can also get you thrown out of a…Read more ›

The Pangu jailbreak could put an iOS 8 jailbreak even further out of reach

Jailbreakers got an unexpected present last week when a relatively unknown hacker group released a jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1. Called “Pangu,” the jailbreak package was later determined to be safe besides a shady pirate app store installed alongside the program.…Read more ›

See how latest tweaks push iOS 8 even further

The second beta of iOS 8 upgrades Apple’s mobile platform visually as well as functionally. Along with plenty of bug fixes, iOS 8 Beta 2 delivers a number of neat tweaks that make the upcoming mobile OS even better than…Read more ›

Wish You Had Instagram On The iPad? Look No Further Than Flow

One of Instagram’s biggest faults is that it lacks an official iPad app. And it doesn’t look like the Facebook-owned service has any plans for Apple’s tablet in the near future. Many third-party apps have attempted to offer a viable…Read more ›    [Read More…]

New Job Openings at Apple Hint at Siri API and Further Siri Development

As we all knew, Apple is continuing to work on Siri, their exclusive personal assistant feature found in the iPhone 4S. This is now being confirmed as a pair of job openings for experienced iOS software engineers appear on the companys site. According to Apples Siri user interface manager Dan Keen, Apple is seeking qualified people to join the team that implemented the user interface for Siri and help make the next big thing even  [Read More…]

Further Confirmation of Sharp Supplying LCD Panels to Apple

Further confirmation is being provided regarding Apple’s move to using Sharp as a source of display for the upcoming iPad 3 from aWall Street Journalreport. Its been rumored before that Apple is adding Sharp as one of their screen manufacturers for their next generation iPad. People that are familiar with the situation mentioned that the Cupertino giant moves to diversify component suppliers for its products. According to theWSJsources, Apple will also be investing in Sharps  [Read More…]

Android Gains Further Lead Over Apple In U.S SmartPhone Marketshare

According to research firmcomScoreand their latest released figures Android seems to have extended their lead of the smartphone platform market with a 43.7% share, along with Apple following behind with a 27.3% share. It seems that Googles Android is seeing a steady upward climb with a point change of 5.6 while Apples iPhone seems to be slowing a bit with a smaller more incremental point change of 0.7 since the last report. Despite the small  [Read More…]

Alleged iPhone 5 Part Hints Further at Sliding Cover

Click the image to open in full size. On Monday, a new photo of a supposed iPhone 5 part surfaced, sparking further speculation about what phsyical attributes Apple’s fifth generation iPhone will sport. The image in question puts the spotlight on a 30-pin dock connector cable (part designated 821-1300-02 HF/c1.) that is rumored to be an integral part of the iPhone 5. Originating overseas, the pic first surfaced on apple.pro. Additional details speak  [Read More…]