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When Steve Jobs first debuted the original iPhone back in 2007, he promised the audience a device that was three major devices in one: “a widescreen iPod with touch controls,” a “revolutionary mobile phone,” and “a breakthrough Internet communicator.” At… Read more ›     

LAS VEGAS — Seriously, everyone has a mother, but not everyone wants to live with her. Here comes Mother, the remote sensor gadget we got to play with a bit at CES in Vegas this week. It’s a small, shmoo-shaped… Read more ›     

griffin-powerdock-5  Why does Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” buzz through my head when I look at the Griffin PowerDock 5? Because the five-port docking station reminds me of one of those old roadside gas stations out on the desert highway. Get all five of your motors running. Each of the USB ports outputs 10 watts [...]

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Even before I ever dreamed of writing and taking pictures for a living — I’ll just pause here to let my fellow journalists and bloggers finish laughing hysterically at the idea that earnings from journalism could be considered “a living” — I rocked one of those photographer’s jackets. You know the one — zippers and pockets everywhere. I was a Geek King in the jacket, but I didn’t care; it let me  [Read More...]


Hama’s descriptively-named Wi-Fi SD/USB Data Reader for Apple Devices seems to be solving a problem that doesn’t exist. To wit: you stick your photo-filled SD card (or USB stick) into this ~$ 100 box and it will beam the contents back to your Mac or iPad, all over the conveniently slow Wi-Fi network.

Why? The blurb says this battery-operated device is “ideal for Apple devices with no possibilities of connection,†but what  [Read More...]


The XFLEX from BiteMyApple is a gadget stand for smartphones and tablets that’s so versatile, it has an almost unlimited number of uses. It’s great around the home, in the office, in the car… and anywhere else you fancy taking it.

The XFLEX has a weighted base that ensures even the heaviest of tablets won’t cause it to topple, while its flexible arm let you move your device around to get the  [Read More...]

Ihome smart brief 1

When iHome designed their Smart Brief computer bag ($ 99), they had the good idea to create a product with pockets for all of today’s modern-day computing devices and accessories. Problem is, like every good idea turned product, execution is everything, and that’s where the Smart Brief starts to get a little lackluster.

The Good

Macbook Pro, iPad, chargers, headphones, iPhones, pens, pencils—there’s literally nothing in iHome’s Smart Brief  [Read More...]

Oh man! The Mac Belt is an amazing combination of flat-out utility and naively wrongheaded design. It is exactly the kind of thing you expect a mad professor to come up with, except this crackpot product is actually out there on Kickstarter.

Here’s a brief description: The Mac Belt is a belt (the kind that holds your pants up) with a giant novelty buckle. And that buckle folds out to make a little bracket for your  [Read More...]

If you want a waterproof bag, forget about zippers, velcro, or any other kind of fastening. What you need is a roll-top bag – just ask Ortlieb, the king of waterproof gear.

The same goes for gadget bags, and Smithfly’s Digi-Pouch offers a tight-sealing, easy-access home for your cameras, iPhones and anything else you want to keep dry.

A roll-top bag has a gaping top hole, usually with a plastic stiffener on one of the sides.  [Read More...]

Some gadgets pick one thing, and do only that thing. And they do it very, very well. Other gadgets try to pack in everything possible, and they usually end up doing everything badly. This is called the Swiss Army Knife Approach (SAKA), and if you ever wondered why the Swiss are neutral in all wars, now you know.

The ReadyCase takes the latter approach, and like any good SAKA device, it’s way more fun to marvel  [Read More...]