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Apple Watch gains a higher satisfaction rating than original iPhone or iPad

Everyone writing about the supposed failure of the Apple Watch may want to check out analyst Ben Bajarin’s latest reporting — suggesting that the Apple Watch has a massive 97 percent satisfaction rate among early adopters. For those keeping track at home,…Read more ›

Broadcom’s Internet of Things platform gains HomeKit support

HomeKit just gained a powerful new partner: Communication firm Broadcom announced yesterday that its WICED (“Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices”) software now offers full support with Apple’s connected-accessory framework. WICED is the first software development kit to meet HomeKit’s…Read more ›

Microsoft’s incredible photo sharing app gains Apple TV support

Microsoft’s Xin is already one of the best ways to share photos between devices, even if you’re on Android or iPhone, but it’s getting even better today for iPhone users with a new update that adds Apple TV support, plus a ton…Read more ›

iMovie For Mac Gains New Sorting Options, Font Adjustments And Minor Fixes

Apple released a new update for its iMovie for Mac video editing software today that adds a number of tweaks, bug fixes, and a small sampling of new features. iMovie version 10.0.3 is the third small update since the app…Read more ›

Apple TV Gains New ACC Sports Channel

The best basketball conference in the country just got a front row seat on the Apple TV thanks to the new ACC Sports channel added to the device’s lineup Monday morning. The new channel squeaks onto Apple TV just in…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Lightning Strikes Amazon Cloud Drive As iOS Photo App Gains Video & iPad Support

There’s no shortage of cloud storage providers, but Amazon’s one of the best around. If you make use of the e-retailer’s Cloud Drive app, then, good news: it just got a little better, with the addition of video uploads and…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Netflix Inks Deal With Disney, Gains U.S. Exclusivity For A Host Of Feature Films

Netflix’s streaming service isn’t exactly known for having quality content. Their catalog of movies is reminiscent of the bargain DVD bin at your local Walmart. Netflix has been struggling to land any quality licensing agreements and has actually been losing a few. With Redbox Instant on the horizon, Netflix desperately needs to give its members a reason to stick around.

Well, today, Netflix has provided members with a reason, and that  [Read More…]

Taxes On Capital Gains, Dividends, Blamed For Investors Fleeing Apple Stock

Can you hear the whistling sound?

What goes up must come down, in physics and in investment. Stock prices for Apple have hit a low recently, down about a fourth of it’s value. Analysts believe that upcoming taxes on capital gains and investment dividends have stock holders rushing to get rid of as much as they can to avoid record tax hikes.

“No individual investment can defy gravity,” said the deputy  [Read More…]

Humble Bundle For Android 3 Gains Four More Bonus Games [Deal Alert]

Remember that great Humble Bundle For Android 3 we told you about last week? Well, it just got better! Four new games have been added to the list of bonus games customers will get for paying over the average (which is currently $ 6.33). That’s a total of 9 games for just over $ 6! Plus you get to feel good about helping out the Child’s Play Charity (no affiliation with  [Read More…]

Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro Gains More Configuration Options

If youve used Apples online computer-ordering service before, then you know that Apple allows you to configure your computer right from the Web site with the amount of drive storage, memory, and processor power you want with the addition of some other extraneous hardware options and software options. The good news is, the new, low-end MacBook Pro with retina display has just gained some more configuration options online. Although it was evident that the computers  [Read More…]