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Tim Cook may happen to be the leader of the most successful technology company in the world right now, but before Apple’s CEO reigned supreme he was just another pimple-faced high schooler from a small town in Alabama. Cook likes… Read more ›     

Responding to the tech industry’s effect on San Francisco housing, Bay Area artist Alfred Twu has taken it upon himself to show what Silicon Valley tech campuses might look like if they converted their parking lots into accommodation for their… Read more ›     

Last week we revealed that Steve Jobs was set to feature in a forthcoming exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, titled “American Cool.” With the exhibition having now opened, this is the portrait of the Apple co-founder that curators Joel… Read more ›     

Even though it feels like the iPhone 5s just came out, the rumor mill is already churning out little bits on the iPhone 6: a supercharged camera, bigger display, and a ton of Sapphire Crystal glass. A number of designers… Read more ›     

While few of us would say its design belongs inside of one, one of the most common jokes about the new Mac Pro’s stealth engine looks is to say it looks exactly like a trash can. That got one German… Read more ›     

If Apple makes a larger iPhone this year — say, a 4.7-inch model — it’s unlikely that they will just phase out the 4-inch iPhone. Instead, they could take an approach similar to this year’s iPad Air and iPad mini:… Read more ›     

It’s at least six months until Apple reveals iOS 8, and probably nine months until we see the iPhone 6 for the first time, but that hasn’t stopped Eric Vasille of iPhonesoft from imaging what the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 will look like. And what does he imagine? On the hardware-side of things, a […]        [Read More...]

In the Mac space, Dutch designer Martin Hajek is the crown prince of concepts, having done some of the most realistic and jawdropping renders we’ve ever seen for the iWatch, Mac Pro, iPhone 6 and more. One product concept we thought Hajek bit the pooch on a little, though, was his idea of what an […]        [Read More...]

Once I started iSpying in the crowded, bustling streets of Hong Kong, it was hard to stop. (Also, the IP lawyers must be seriously busy in these parts.) These are some of my favorite finds of Apple-esque products and signs…

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Apple’s glass and steel mothership isn’t scheduled to land in Cupertino until 2016, but we’ve already seen plenty of renders of what Apple Campus 2 will look like from the outside. We covered all the fine details of Apple Campus…

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