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Game Of Clones: Threes Developer Slams ‘Rip-Off’ Copycats

It’s become a begrudgingly accepted part of the App Store that the moment a popular game appears, the clones roll in with miniscule differences. While most of us laughed at some of the ridiculous variations that emerged for a popular… Read more ›     

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – The Official Game Lands In App Store [Video]

Ahead of its April 4 U.S. theatrical release, Gameloft’s movie tie-in Captain America: The Winter Soldier – The Official Game has arrived in the App Store. An original adventure co-scripted by Marvel, the game lets you play as Captain America… Read more ›     

Winter Is Coming…To Your iPad With Game Of Thrones Ascent

Disruptor Beam and HBO revealed on Wednesday the debut of Game of Thrones Ascent on the iPad. It was originally released in 2013 as a Facebook game, making last year’s Facebook Games of the Year list to boot. Now you… Read more ›     

New iTunes Section Spotlights Indie Game Developers

In a world where Apple’s far and away the most valuable brand in existence, it’s easy to forget that once upon the time it was “the little guy.” Which is why it’s nice to see Apple highlighting indie game developers… Read more ›     

New RollerCoaster Tycoon Game Is Headed To iOS [Video]

People who were gaming during the late 1990s may well have fond memories of the long-dormant franchise RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise. A series of construction and management sims that let you build and run your own theme park, developers Atari recently announced… Read more ›     

Game On! News And Photos From Game Developers Conference [Liveblog]

SAN FRANCISCO — We’re gearing up for our weeklong foray into the world of video games at the Game Developers Conference here. Cult of Mac will bring you the best of the conference, from heartfelt chats with independent developers to… Read more ›     

Flappy Bird Creator Says His Life-Ruining Game Is Coming Back, But Not Soon

Creator of Flappy Bird found and he told me he is going to repost it to the App Store!!! pic.twitter.com/odmKbWaTw8 — Todd Moore (@toddmoore) March 19, 2014 Thanks to the strange demise of Flappy Bird the App Store and Google… Read more ›     

New Arcade Game “Microtrip” Adds Science Into Fun Gameplay [Video Review]

The science of the human body is something complicated, yet truly amazing. While the world leaves bodies prone to sickness, white blood cells can help to fight them. In the physics arcade game Microtrip players must help a blob trek… Read more ›     

Shut Up, Meg! Screenshots Tease New Family Guy Game For iOS [Gallery]

With the success of The Simpsons: Tapped Out, it’s no surprise that Family Guy would also want to get in on the mobile action. First announced back in December, Fox and TinyCo have now released the first screenshots of the… Read more ›     

Rovio’s Next Angry Birds Game Will Be A Turn-Based RPG

Ever since the first Angry Bird flapped its wings back in 2009, Rovio has been only too happy to churn out sequel after sequel with slight variations on flinging birds with slingshots, but for its next act the video game… Read more ›