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Game devs keep it casual as they jump from console to mobile

Console game developers are trying to break into mobile, and they’re using casual genres to break into the scene. For instance, when gamers hear about Insomniac Games, they might think of classic platform games like Ratchet and Clank, first-person shooters… Read more ›

Why this game dev is giving up on pixel art

Blake Reynolds, lead artist at Dinofarm Games (Auro, 100 Rogues), has come to the conclusion that “pixel art” is over. He’s decided to hang up his digital pencil tool and create art for games that current audiences can understand. “Auro,”… Read more ›

How real historical intrigue inspires Game of Thrones

You know nothin’, Jon Snow. Especially how much more full of shifting alliances and intrigue The Wars of the Roses was than your epic television series is able to show. Game of Thrones superfans may already know that 15th-century England… Read more ›

This has goat to be the wackiest zombie game yet

Goat Simulator is one of the weirdest games to hit iOS since forever, but makers Coffee Stain Studios have come up with a way to make their glitch-filled title even zanier — by incorporating brain-munching zombies. Check out the trailer below. A standalone… Read more ›

Toss a Lifeline to stranded astronaut in new Apple Watch game

How do you keep a jaded gamer engaged on the small-screened Apple Watch? Strand a young astronaut on an alien moon and ask that gamer to keep the doomed traveler alive. Written by the guy who co-wrote Fables: The Wolf… Read more ›

Get your Mac game on with these great guides

If you’re looking for new games to explode onto your Mac, look no further than these three “best of” gaming guides from one of the most Mac-centric gaming voices on the web, Mac Gamer HQ. Featuring the 10 best strategy… Read more ›

Apple Watch spy game brings clever twist to retro format

From James Bond’s laser Rolex to Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone, spies have always been suckers for wearable tech. To salute secret agents’ fondness for the latest gadgets, the makers of Spy_Watch crafted their new game for the latest cutting-edge device… Read more ›

Jimmy Fallon’s iPhone game wants to give a bear a good night’s sleep

Jimmy Fallon is known for inventing silly games to play with his guests on “The Tonight Show.” It’s part of the hot host’s comedic repertoire that keeps his show atop of the late-night ratings. Now Fallon is trying his hand… Read more ›

Watch Quest aims to be the first real game for Apple Watch

There have been some Apple Watch games announced — mostly simple affairs, like Nimblebit’s upcoming Letterpad — but nothing truly epic. WayForward Technologies, the veteran developer behind Ducktales Remasters, wants to change that. They’ve just announced that their latest adventure… Read more ›

Blizzard’s addictive card game Hearthstone is now on your iPhone

Hearthstone addicts players rejoice! Blizzard’s incredibly compelling digital card game is now optimized for your iPhone or iPod touch. We’ve heard rumors that some folks even use their iPhone while in the bathroom. Gross! If you’re one of those people,… Read more ›