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One thing we never tire of at Redmond Pie is hacks that use Microsoft’s Kinect in new and interesting ways. If an iPhone is involved then you get double points, and that’s exactly what Singaporean developer Rockmoon did.


The end result, as pointed out by TUAW, has more than a  [Read More…]

iPhone 4S With A5 Processor Handed Over To Select Game Developers For Testing Ahead Of iPhone 5 Launch

You know iPad 2 is a really powerful device as compared to its predecessor. One thing that largely contributes to it’s speed is the A5 processor, which apart from being dual-core in nature, also provides far better gaming experience. The graphics performance of the A5 processor is said to be as much as 9 times faster than its predecessor.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 is expected to come out with the A5 processor, which means selling it as a gaming product  [Read More…]