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Inspired by Mac Paint, Rogue Invader mixes retro art with modern gameplay

Rogue Invader, an upcoming shooter from Squishy Games, looks like a massive HyperCard stack come to glorious motion. Currently on Kickstarter to fund the last bit of development on the rogue-like sci-fi title, Rogue Invader is the brainchild of founder Nathan Rees, who’s been making games ever since he discovered the joys of Mac Paint […][Read More…]

Here’s our first look at gameplay in the new Star Wars iOS game

The first gameplay footage of Star Wars: Uprising was unveiled by publisher Kabam today, and if you weren’t already stoked to take on the remnants of the Empire, this should do the trick. Blasters, force powers, flamethrowers, and plenty of…Read more ›

Nightmare Cooperative’s roguelike gameplay will keep you up all night

Roguelike games are a retro treat, hailing back to the earliest computers. They used various ASCII characters to denote dungeon walls and dangerous creatures in an attempt to recreate the experience of playing Dungeons & Dragons. There are many good…Read more ›

Jumping Jaxx Reinvents Endless-Jumper Gameplay [Video Review]

The app store is notoriously known for having tons of endless runner games. While some developers are sticking to the running genre, others have taken to jumping. The new app Jumping Jaxx is an endless jumper where players must swipe…Read more ›

Soothing Sounds Accompany Action-Packed Gameplay In I’m Aquarius [Video Review]

With busy schedules it can be easy to be consumed by the stress of our everyday lives. Sometimes sitting down and playing a good game can be a great way to escape from it all. The new app I’m Aquarius…Read more ›

2048 Storms App Charts With Math Based Gameplay [Video Review]

The app store has found another craze almost as popular as Flappy Bird. Developers everywhere have been releasing their own versions of the hit app Threes, a tile based game that has players swipe to add numbers. 2048 is an…Read more ›    [Read More…]

“The Collider” Adds Addicting Twist To Endless Runner Gameplay [Video Review]

Seeing how far you can go has been a common theme in many games in the app store. Since the release of hit apps like “Temple Run” and “Subway Surfers” players everywhere have become fans of this endless runner genre.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

New Arcade Game “Microtrip” Adds Science Into Fun Gameplay [Video Review]

The science of the human body is something complicated, yet truly amazing. While the world leaves bodies prone to sickness, white blood cells can help to fight them. In the physics arcade game Microtrip players must help a blob trek…Read more ›    [Read More…]

“Jump! Chump!” Brings Addicting New Gameplay To App Store [Video Review]

As the app store is refreshed every Thursday, incoming apps bring new games and ways to make life both easier and enjoyable. The app Jump! Chump! is a newcomer that brings fresh gameplay that is sure to have players playing…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Get Hours of Gameplay With The BioShock Bundle Featuring BioShock 1 And BioShock 2 [Deals]

As we draw closer to the end of the holiday shopping season, we could all use a little distraction from the day to day. Gaming offers that – and a great game can bring us back over and over again.…Read more ›    [Read More…]