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EA’s Biggest Retail Partner Last Quarter Wasn’t Best Buy Or GameStop, It Was Apple

PlantsVSZombies-freeIf you had to guess which of EA’s retail partners made it the most cash last quarter, you’d probably say Best Buy, GameStop, or another game store. But you’d be wrong. EA’s biggest partner last quarter was actually Apple, which helped it reach $90 million in sales on smartphones and tablets. “Our quarter was notable […]

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Gamestop Gaming Tablets Live, Billed as ‘A New Way to Game’

Gamestop’s gaming tablets went live today with three offerings ranging in price from $329 to $538. The tablets themselves are the Acer iConia Tab A100 ($329), ASUS Eee Pad Transformer ($399), and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 ($499). All of these tablets house a NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor and 1GB of system memory. What makes these tablets different from their non-Gamestop counterparts is basically nothing. According to Gamestop “each tablet has been enhanced by GameStop  [Read More…]

Gamestop to Start Selling ‘Specialized’ Android Tablets Preloaded With Games

Gamestop already has an iPod, iPhone, and iPad trade-in program to help increase game sales, but the company is further hedging their bets in the mobile gaming hemisphere by carrying Android tablets preloaded with games. Earilier this year Gamestop claimed they were going to bring a Gamestop branded tablet to market, but were unclear which tablet maker they were going to partner with for the hardware. Well it turns out Gamestop is going to partner  [Read More…]

GameStop Confirms iOS Device Trade-Ins, Hints At Refurbishing Used Android Tablets Into Their Own Gaming Pad

Brick-and-mortar game retailer GameStop has confirmed rumors that theyre going to start accepting trade-ins of iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads, alongside Android devices. Any Apple device will simply be cleaned up, restored to its factory settings and resold, good as new. But guess what they want to do to the open Android devices? Riddle them with their own in-house crapware! Why build a tablet, after all, when you can just  [Read More…]

GameStop The Next Stop for New and Used iOS Devices

We’ve received a tip this weekend from a reader who says that GameStop is about to begin selling the iPhone. In fact, all signs presently point to GameStop offering the full iDevice line – iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Although no major announcement or press push has transpired, we understand that several GameStop locations (we can’t yet confirm if this is across all locations) have begun accepting iOS device trade-ins for in-store credit. It now  [Read More…]